Saturday, February 25, 2017

Unplanned House Arrest and The Climb

On to the second month of the year and... an unplanned house arrest for a week, 3 trips to the emergency room and an overnight stay in a deluxe room of a hospital...

I can say that this week was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, physical struggle, and mental challenge.

The flu virus i was infected with did a hell of an infection.  I don't remember being this sick. I got scared especially with guilt of years and years of taking my body for granted.  I feel this was my body's way of warning and reminding me of my real age...

Vitamins, exercise, correct diet, water intake.  repeat.  2017 will indeed be a year for this.  I will be healthier.  I will loose more weight.  I will meditate and take my Yoga classes seriously.  I will spend a week in Cambodia for quiet time.  I intend to be better this year, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

I will appreciate what i have.  I will be more positive and forget the sad and bad 2016.  I will constantly remind myself to better and better everyday.  I will dig into my past and try to remember my self from 8 years ago -   THE CLIMB days when i would sing to Miley's song with all my heart and soul and fully believe in it.

Universe, i need your energy.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Love Food - Love Month

Second month into 2017.

The saltiness and bitterness of 2016 is still reflective in the first few weeks of 2017 and i am still hopeful that it can only get better.

I am frustrated.  I am confused.  Just because i made this work my life.  My work-life is balanced, dont get me wrong.  Its just that my balance is different from everyone else and may still be skewed towards work.  Good thing is its has significantly changed...

I just wish i can find my spark back...

I am still be challenged... by the new guy.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Delightful Cheers for 2016

The question that you would be asked during the last or the first few days of the year:

How was your year?

And I would usually have an answer to this before the big holiday break.  That same message i would usually share to my team and to those closest to me.  The well-thought of answer
would be a topic for discussion with friends and family during gatherings or road trips.. the first entry in my diary..

Not this time.  

I had a short and sweet meet up with an old friend 2 days into the new year, and he asked me how my year was --- no answer, nothing that made sense.  My sister asked me on Jan 1 and all i could say was that 2016 was a big blur..

Why am I not myself the past year?  or this coming year, will it still be the same?

Yoga and Mindfulness

I have been practicing yoga for a year now... atleast doing one session a week.  This made me open up my senses and become more aware of the things happening around me... I know someday i would be able to embrace this openness, but for now, its making me realize how bad others are... and there is nothing i can do about it for now.

I am at a stage where my realization is that i can't always help.  I can't control it all or even do anything to change the course of things... 

Hoping that this is part of the stage of acceptance... 

How will the next year be?

I need to understand the past so i can move on and make tomorrow better... I need to make 2017 better because 2016 was year of emotional outbursts, depressions, netflix binge watching, mediocrity and just sadness... I need to understand what happened so i can finally move on... 

I have a lot of thinking to do, but for now, I'm bidding the greatest and biggest goodbye to 2016, I'm glad that its over and happy to know that i can only move forward... 

Cheers 2016! Clinking the glasses and throwing the champagne all over the 365 days of it... 

Monday, October 10, 2016


Sinusubukan ko naman
na harapin and katotohanan
na lunukin and sakit
dulot ng karanasang puno ng pait

Pinaninindigan ko naman
na igalaw ang mga kalamnan
na bigyang buhay
katawang pagod at lupaypay

Pero paano sa mundong ito
sa araw araw na buhay ko
kawalan ng lunas sa damdamin
at and pag-asa na matatawag na akin

Wala na, di na kita maramdaman...