Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All Day sickness

Why I can't bring myself to smile at this very minute:

1. morning sickness turned to "all-day sickness" - I wonder why they had to call it "morning sickness" when in fact it can happen anytime of the day Well it can even be an "all day sickness"! Its happening to me and for some reason, the "sickness" is getting worse by the minute...

2. the numerous calls from applicants - the new number given to us was assigned to the HR dept before we transferred here. And seems they have given out their business cards to a lot of people already. I get 20-30 calls either day asking for a schedule, or inquiring about requirements or just merely asking for vacnacies. I cannot be patient with all that 20-30 calls and just smile as I relay the trunkline number! well, sorry to those i almost shouted to today.

3. inability to eat - I cannot eat! I just throw everything out! or at least I think I will. I bought some rice and chicken feet from Henlin only to throw it away after 2 bites. I feel like the food stays on my throat. the stomach is just saying "NO" to anything right now.

4. the one hundred and one things on my to-do-list - which normally can be done in 2 days, but is now taking me forever to finish! I am just not in the mood to work! In fact, I am close to announcing to the world that I dont wanna work anymore!. Today, I had to drag my dizzy head and upset stomach to work toay. Why? because I had to!!

5. the feeling that nobody cares - like i told my husband, i will expect a lot from him during this whole experience. If there's anybody who should care, its him! but he never even called to say hello. I know he's busy, but i just need him right now.

I'm going to cry now. (as if!)

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