Friday, May 11, 2007

the new mommy --- again!

According to my PW account:
"This is day number 35 and you're 5 weeks pregnant!You have 245 days or 35 weeks left, and are 12.5% of the way there.Baby's age since conception is 21 days or 3 weeks. You are due on 1/10/2008.

Yes I am going to be a mom. 12.5% on it!

This pregnancy will definitely be different from my first one. And i have several reasons to why:
1. "legally" made - i am married. No monkey business involved. purely marital.
2. I'm working - unlike my first pregnancy (ada in the belly), i was on AWOL and just stayed home. Spent all the time I can spend on thinking. Just thinking. Nothing else to do back then. This time, i have to deal with going to work everyday and do more thinking.
3. I actually have a partner - i have a husband. I have a partner!. Ada's Dad never showed his face during the entire time of my pregnancy. Though my Pop was there for me, i was just too ashamed to ask anything from him. Now with Kyan around, i am hoping he could help me out. Like maybe buy food for me or something :-)
4. Physically, i'm different, weaker - i've been feeling pains all over my body for the past months. I just hope this won't be of any effect to my pregnancy. But for sure, this is really going to be hard on me.

There are other reasons but my stomach is stopping me from thinking. I'm hungry and I need, yes NEED, to eat. I could easily just pass on luch and eat later but now, i just can't. I feel guity.

And so, lunch time it is...

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