Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Bear!

My husband calls me a BEAR!!

Yes he does! I am now 10.7 kgs heavier than i was 6 months ago. And I thought My 56kg weight last March was heavy!

My baby bump got noticeable all of a sudden! Last week, my bump can still be mistaken as stored fat, pero now, i can definitely use it na to get a seat in a crowded MRT train (no I haven't done this trick yet).

My lower back is starting to be disturbingly painful which sadly results to uncomfortable nights even with the 6 pillows i recently declared as mine.

Most of the clothes i'm wearing now are my Mom's.

And here's "The Bear" trying to take some photos...

Monday, September 10, 2007

At 23 weeks of pregnancy

This is day number 158 and you're 23 weeks pregnant!You have 122 days or 17 weeks left, and are 57.5% of the way there.Baby's age since conception is 144 days or 21 weeks. You are due on 1/10/2008.

After having been checked by 2 doctors, going to 2 different hospitals and printing pages and pages of Maxicare-credited OB-Gynes, We finally found the doctor we feel most comfortable with. Last Saturday, we waited 3 hours for us to be accomodated by Dra Catherine Medina. I have wanted to see her since last week but we opted to go to a hospital rather than a diagnostic clinic, where she held saturday clinic, Tokyo healthlink in Madrigal Ave.

But having received the results of my annual physical check up last Friday, this left me so paranoid that waiting for 7 patients before us was all fine. My blood chem and CBC showed high-cholesterol and elevated neutophils in the remarks section. I was alarmed. Scared. I wanted to do the ultrasound as soon as we got to the clinic just to check on the baby. And so we did.... And its a Boy!

I was almost in tears as i laid on the bed and saw the movements in the monitor. He was wobbly and was moving a lot. He even touched his face as if he knew we were watching. As as the doctor confirmed his gender, i saw all smiles in Kyan's face. Even Ada was all excited!

Additional complications came out of the ultrasound and urinalysis. Placenta was on the way of the cervix (previa) and my UTI came back. Had to take in additional vitamins and do some more tests. But none of it brought my spirits down. I know we will both be ok. Am actually going downstairs after this entry to do some baby furniture canvassing. Now I know its for a baby boy....