Monday, November 26, 2007

Home sweet home

And so its official, we finally met with the owner of the house in "the Fourth". Made the initial payments and we're moving it first week of december. House hunting is over! Well, at least for a year.. contract of lease is for one year.

We have a month to make the Unit a home. We don't have that much things, except for my abubots, so it wont be that hard to fix the house. Kyan wants the place repainted ALL WHITE. Except for ada's room. Initially, Ada wanted her room painted yellow, then somehow she changed her mind and thought that painting the walls in different colors is a "bright" idea. I think we'll stick to having it painted yellow.

Taal will be staying with us muna. The master's bedroom is actually quite big for us. A crib would fit just fine. One of the 3 rooms will be Kyan's workstation since he'll be working at home most of the time.

There are appliances that needs to be bought, but our topmost priorities are the ref and the stove.

Im giving birth in 45 days!! Malapit na talaga...

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