Friday, March 7, 2008


Change denotes the transition that occurs between one state to another.

My 2007 ended with a twist.
But my 2008 is twirling more than the twist.

My immediate "universe" is changing its revolution. I don't know if i can cope up.
No, I have to catch up. I need to. If not, I have to find another galaxy and that would be a bigger change.

I have been feeling down the past days. Tired and a bit depressed. I guess this is all part of the changes we need to embrace.

Kyan is ok. Ada just finished her advanced exam sched. Taal never fails to make us all smile.
Everyone's on tip-top condition. Just need to have that massage!

I should be thankful and as my boss said, "embrace change". Im sure all will be well...

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