Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not my usual Saturday morning

My Saturday morning started out just fine. Was planning to sleep till 10 or so but woke up 7am. One and a half hour later than my usual day but i think that'll do. An extra 1 and 1/2 hour of rest.

I am having another one of those heavy hearts. The feeling I've been trying to push away for years. Its been going on the whole week. Because of a bad dream I had while in Cebu. Then another bad dream when i got back that I cried while sleeping. Kyan hugged me :-)

But its different this time.

Gusto ko lang makaisa. But no, i lost. I just wanted to teach him something. To prove a point. But i lost. Ayoko lang ng mga nagmamagaling. Pero talo ako... Thanks a lot to an old friend who just wasn't patient enough. But i cannot fully blame him, he doesn't know the whole story behind it.. Oh well... Who am I fighting with anyway? MY own game??

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