Saturday, May 24, 2008

project F1

I ride the public transport everyday. Well most of the days. To and from the office. And during those almost 1 hour trips, my mind starts to think of the top 10 things I'd like to write about. Usually, I only list down at most 5. Not because i cant think of anything else but because i get distracted with the things going on outside of the van. More often than not, it would be a fast car that would overtake the van I'm riding. I have a thing with fast cars. I like 'em. I want to have one and every time I chance upon one, I imagine myself driving it. From the many things I genetically got from my dad, this would maybe be one of 'em. Fascination with fast cars. And this leads me to the main
topic ---> F1 racing and Lewis Hamilton.

Ive been wanting to write about this topic but i honestly only know so much. I know that Hamilton is one hot babe ;-) and that he drives really fast! And he drives a benz! Yup, Lewis is on my top crush list (ang landi!!) And my having a thing for fast cars lead me to my thing for Hamilton. Not that I want to marry him or something, I just want to bet for someone when watching F1. And that would be Hamilton for me! Even though he lost in most of the races I saw (Turkey, Spain and Malaysia races). The race in Australia, i didn't get to watch, I just saw the awarding ceremony and he actually won 1st.

Well, I think I'll start really getting into this F1 thing. First is to understand how it all works. Project F1.

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