Thursday, June 12, 2008

ada's new school, taal's new toy

My daughter's new school:
Finally got to have Ada enrolled in her new school. Filed for half day leave today and spent the morning with Kyan and Ada. We went first to pay her fees and get her books. Then spent 2 hours for books and notebook plastic cover-up! I arrived in the office just in time for lunch! After rushing an important analysis, I finally found time to make her sticker label.

its not as good as what kyan does but i think she will like this.

My son's new toy:
I dropped by the department store yesterday to buy diapers for Taal. Scanned thru some toys and actually spent alsmot 30 minutes window shopping on baby toys. Here are some of my favorites...

Most of the nice stuffs are branded. My favorites above are all Fisher Price toys. Ranging from P290.00 to P1,000. I just couldn't spare that much money since i was saving for Ada's enrollment... Besides, I just wanted to buy something small and inexpensive. Something colorful to add to his collection.

And then I found this! Im so glad i scanned thru all the shelves and found this P155.00 toy.

When I got home, i immediately opened it and had Taal play with it. Not only did my baby enjoy this, also me, ada and even kyan did too!! I think i'll buy the bigger link-a-doo bag next time...

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