Friday, June 13, 2008

after the long day....

After a long day at work, the battle with traffic and the ever reliable source of kulangot, smog in Metro Manila... what do you look forward to when you get home?

IN no particular order:
1. Dinner (lutong bahay - always something to look forward to!)
2. Kwento with my Kyan about the day that was...
3. After dinner yosi with Kyan and Wilson
4. Play time with Taal
5. Tucking ada to sleep
6. The quick shower (pero tabo lang naman)
7. Peace and quiet moment ---- this is usually when all's asleep.

I really have to get a full body massage soon. My muscles are begging me to get one!

I think i have to convince kyan to take the TV out of our room.... Next question is, where to move it to?

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