Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To elBi or not to elBi

It has always been a question mark. Every time we talk about the future, this question never fails to pop out:

"Should we allow the kids to study in UPLB?"

I guess we have had so much "fun" in our LB days that its just uncomfortable to think of the kids doing the same...

As a reaction to kei's blog about LB, i firmly believe that friendships made in UPLB are really just different. Different in the sense that the bonds made are so tight that the virtual connections can't be explained at all! We can give many reasons to this but to fully explain it is just impossible. LB people can list all possible reasons and im sure we all have our own different versions, but for all we know, its all cosmically caused by Maria Makiling!

And for that, i would like to thank Maria M. for that "special" LB bond.

For the good memories.
For the sad and suicidal moments.
For the seemingly endless fun.
For the knowlege-gained in and out of the classroom.
For the chance to taste one of the best tapsilog in town.
For the all-you-can-eat condiments of frankfurters.
For the best shawarma one can eat.
For the 3-for-10-peso siomai.
For friends.
For foes.
For my life in the stage.
For the tanduay-coke nights.
For giving me my Ada.

The list could go on and on... but most of all...

For my dear husband, i'm one of those lucky gals who got to marry her best (and worst) friend while in LB...

And to all those other LB couples out there, aren't you glad you checked UPLB campus in the UPCAT application form?!

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