Friday, June 6, 2008

Young and thin

Thats me in the middle! Yes, I was once very thin. This was during our practicum, Jan 2002. Stayed in Pasaleng, Pagudpud for almost 2 months. This picture's been my inspiration since the additional 15kgs according to the weighing scale.

The problem with the weight gain really are the clothes I can't wear! I don't want to change my whole wardrobe (did I just say that?!). I'm one person kasi who can't easily let go of things, especially my clothes and my shoes. Because for one, i either bought them with my hard-earned money or they were given to me as a gift. And two, I just can't throw away my stuff! I get too attached to it. Some people can't understand that. pero sorry, ganun ako. That's why i have basuras from way back when i was thinner and still went with life the happy-go-lucky way.

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