Monday, July 28, 2008

UP @ 100

The 100 years of UP in a 100 peso bill.

Been eying every 100 peso bill that comes my way for this rare collection. And for 2 weeks now, havent had my hands on one. Until last Saturday when Ray exchanged this piece with Kei. This scanned piece is not mine. Just keeping it for my sister (kei) who recently graduated from UPLB (photos here).

I wonder if Bangko Central will also print other State Univ's logo in our money when they celebrate their 100th year of existence? How about the bigger universities like Ateneo and La Salle? Somehow, this makes me really proud to be an Iskolar ng bayan.

But really, aside from the Oble being in our 100 peso, Where can this bring us nowadays? Here are what i can think of. Sadly, just either one of the listed below.

- 2kgs of rice
- one way ticket to Makati from paraƱaque (shuttle fare increased from 50 to 60 pesos
today) plus jeep and/or fx.
- 1/2 kg of meat
- 1/2 kg of chicken
- 3 cans of purefoods corned beef
- 1 can of spam
- 2 packs of Eight o'clock orange mango in 400g packs
- 1 pack of baby wipes at 80 sheets per pack
- 9-roll pack of tissue paper
- 7 end-to-end MRT trips
- 3.3 packs of Marlboro lights ( 50 sticks kung tingi-tingi)
- 2 loaves of gardenia regular pan
- 18 pcs of big pan de manila pandesals

Its sad how our peso power decreased over the years. 20 years ago, i felt like a millionaire with 100 pesos in my wallet. But now, i start to worry if its the only money i have left.

Hirap ng buhay. Agree or disagree?

PGMA's SONA scheduled today. Will she agree or disagree?

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