Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's in my bag?

I just realized that I was tagged by Ibyang in her post last July 1. Sorry, tagal to reply.

A. what's in your bag:

red wallet
pocket full of lipglosses
medicine kit
portable hardrive (not in photo)
flash drive (inside small purple bag)

Just last weekend, I was watching this show with Bea where the hosts were showing the "3 fab things" in their bags. Siempre, napaisip din ako. Then after a few minutes, i realized, the fab things inside my bag are not the branded stuff they were showing off but the following:

1. post-it-in-a-pen gadget

its actually a pen with red flags by Post-it. Love it!

2. my blackberry phone

My ever-reliable hand-me-down phone from my boss. It just fits my lifestyle as "the organizer".
I didn't have the internet activated though, to avoid my bill (charged to company) from shooting up. Im online the whole day anyway.

3. WD passport 160g

Cannot post an actual photo becasue the husband, who's in Mindoro for a project, borrowed it. It's alwasy in my bag except for today and until wednesday next week, when he comes back. This is where i save my photos and my downloaded movies and songs. There you go. My top 3 fab things. But there are other stuffs in my bag...

my lip glosses
, i bring a minimum of 2 kinds. in my bag now is my wild-berry skittle flavored lipsmacker from Kei, maybelline fruity jelly lip gloss, VS Big Caramapple Beauty Rush lipgloss also from Kei, VS Very Voluptuous and baby pink lip plumpers. what can i say, i love lip gloss! And it fits quite well in the purple bag i bought from LM (i know, yalk about loyalty!)

My happy together notebook
, which i bring anywhere i go. So i can write anything i want, anytime, anywhere! even my boss' dictated memos are here!

My 4
-g purple kingston flash drive. I usually synchronze this with my working file folder in the office PC.

and of course, it would not be my bag without the mountain of receipts and flyers from real estate, to gadgets to
new food outlets! but it's "neatly" organized in a bag organizer i got for free in National Bookstore.

b. do you bring a personal kit? if yes, what's the content?
yes. my purple small bag with my lip gloss and flash drive.

c. color of bag?

depends on what shoes i wear but this metallic bag i showed is one of my faves.

d. does your bag contents have "adult contents" too?

Nope, where can i get some? :-p

e. do you pack some medicines?

Always have a paracetamol, antacid and something for stoch pains (buscopan)

f. can't live without these things:

wallet, cell, pen and notebook

g. 5 persons i am curious about their bag contents:

Shar, Kara, Bea, Kei, Yan

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