Friday, August 22, 2008


my usual 24-hour cycle
1. 4 hours for preps and travel
2. 10 hours in the office
3. 7 hours for sleep
4. 3 hours to eat and spend time with the kids

my work is 42% of my day.
when i stare mostly at my monitor
when i spend time alone
even with office mates nearby, this is still time spent alone.
for some days, im with my boss.
taking down notes, jotting down orders.
but still, this is time spent alone.

the 4 hours for preps and travel is when i usually think.
while on the road.
while taking a bath.
while in line for the shuttle.
while walking to the jeep station.
i think of what to write about.
what to be happy and what to be sad about.
this morning, i thought of traveling.

the 7 hours of sleep is sleep. period.

the remaining 3 hours will depend on how the previous 21 hours went.
but the past weeks, 40 minutes are for dyesebel. yeah yeah. i need some entertainment.
after a stressful day, i try my best not to yell at ada. but sometimes i do :-(
taal never fails to entertain me.
dinners are spent discussing events of the day, with kyan. from personal issues to current events to family matters.

my highlights this week:
pursue the Australia option.
travel alone. something i've been wanting to do ever since.
go out and maybe get drunk.
watch the e'heads concert.
find that perfect dress for Kei's wedding. for me and ada.
the need for a new phone. yes, its a NEED already
monitor our expenses.
cases after cases. hay.
certain sadness. another hay...

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