Tuesday, August 19, 2008

from spaghetti to friendship to revisiting the past

I had spaghetti last Saturday in Itallianis.
And another pasta dish in Masikap last sunday.
Today spag from McDo.

Around 7 years ago, Mcdo had this buy one take one spag promo. Kei and I were there almost everyday. Yes, 2 spags each. Well, sometimes, i eat one of my spags sa dorm but karina, my Gawd! She's a spag monster! She would eat two and sometimes 2 styros of mcdo spaghettis.

Fazoli's was her favorite then. Does it still exist? In Eastwood? The unlimited garlic bread and Mr tomato head as their mascot?

Kei's getting married soon. In 3 weeks time. And i still haven't had the time to look for a dress for me and ada. kei's one of my best friends. My college would not have been that fun without her. From laughing all night to crying to nagging. I don't remember ever fighting with her or kahit tampuhan. Never. Or maybe she never told me about it. Hmmm...

Now now, aside from the dresses i still need to find, i still need to think of what gift to give them.... this i really want to plan. And I have 3 weeks to think about it...

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