Friday, August 22, 2008

Le Gourmet cakes

Sharing some of Le Gourmet's desserts. Spent the day last Aug 14 for our Christmas catalog photo shoot. The fun part was that we got to east some of the food we shot! yum yum.. But the photos in this entry are not part of the catalog. These are regular cakes that Le Gourmet offers.

And oh, i got a little tipsy after the shoot. Too much free wine tasting from the Vineyard. Nakatulog ako sa sofa at di nila ako mapa-bangon. 3 hours later, i went upstairs to our room to change and wash my face. Lashinggg.... haha

hazelnut torte and opera cake

praline au chocolat

mini-rhum cake

amaretto choco cake-sliced

blueberry cheesecake

amaretto choco cake -whole

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