Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Phenomenon that was Eraserheads

I don't thinks there's anybody in my generation who does not know the e'heads. Even if i did not get to watch the reunion concert last saturday, i have that "eheads fever" that's still going around. I am a big fan but there was something more important that i had to attend to. The video my sisters took in her cellphone is the closest i can get to the real thing. And i will patiently wait for a DVD copy to come out.

During that decade of the 90s:

-Everybody new Toyang and how "they" tried to tell us we were too young.
-Aling Nena's store was well known and her beautiful daughter who was leaving for Canada.
-Shirley and her love life and how she started wearing a dress in campus.
-Isaw, thesis making and pag-iipon ng tansan to make someone feel special.
-Pare Ko even made it to the movies with Claudine and Jao Mapa as the lead actors. (Wonder if they watched the reunion concert... )
-Uwian during weekends and waiting for a bus. And yes, there are clothes for laundry in our bags.
-R&E taxi and pinakasikat na taxi operator nung mga panahong yun.
-And kagustuhan ng lahat na matututong mag drive papuntang baguio. Na may dalangburger, fries, tapsilog at siopao.
-Ang bass intro ng Poorman's Grave (o napapaisip ka no?)
-In a world where everybody hates a happy ending story... (tudududu...tududuuuu)
-Pagsulat kay Kim nun Sembreak.
-Mga kabulastugan at kasiyahan sa Kalayaan.
-Field trip sa pagawaan ng lapis?
-and hindi pagtulog ng sampung buwan dahil sa maingay na kapitbahay - disco house at vi-de-yo-ke.

my list could go on and on. anu naman ang sa inyo? dagdagan niyo pa!

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