Monday, September 22, 2008

Something Brewing

I am loving my Target Green Bag. Got this as one of the pasalubongs from my sister and dad during their US trip last March.  Loved the concept so much that I even shared it with my boss, who then presented it to the top management in one of their weekly update meetings.  I wonder if they're coming up with their version of this?  Its been months and still no news abouth it.

Anyway, after reading the stats about the dangers of using plastics here, I got myself 3 additional Time for CARING bags for Shopwise shopping, and i bring my Target green bag anywhere i go.  Since then, i rarely go home with plastic bags and my maid's been complaining of less and less plastics for the trash.  Well, that's another issue to be solved.  

But this blog is about the bags.  I want to start my own line.  I maybe being over-excited but i really want to start on this asap.   Maybe something like these?

These are from a US-based company, the Envirosax and they sell their bags US$6-9 on the average. 

I's trying to set up an intial meeting with a supplier and see how we can work on the designs and the materials.. I'm also working on a survey and I need you guys to help me by answering it.   Will post it in a while. 

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hanna fernando-pacua said...

Ana! Meron ako nun target green bag hehe .. nice diba!