Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My life in a picture - Q4-2008

No i will not post a picture with this entry.

I just thought of how worried i get over small and big things. 

I have a picture of my life in my head.  And somethimes i get confused of what's real and what's not.  And when this happens, i get worried because it makes me realize the difference.

This morning, i was awaken by phone rings, rashes, and nemo, and the fact that its Oct. 1 today.

Phone rings - a call i missed.  I owe this person an apology for not meeting my deadline and 4 hours later, im still working on composing my message.

Rashes - taal, after having fever for 3 days (no more today, thank God), has rashes all ove his body.  Upon checking the Net for answers, some says it may or may not be connected to his teething but its definitely connected to the fever for the past days.  Now im still contemplating weather to bring him out to see the doctor.  Still not decided becasue Metro Manila is once again under the spell of "Pablo" the bagyo.

Nemo - well this is actually something not to worry about and made me smile this morning.  Finding Nemo in Disney channel.

Others - its the start of another month, the second Ber month of the year, the first month of the last quarter.  Bills will again start coming and two big-bash events for this quarter means expenses, not to mention the christmas shopping: 

Ada's birthday in Nov - thought of me and her going to HK.  The whole family going there is just too expensive.  Besides, Taal wont remember anything anyway.  Plus wala pang passport si Taal.  Another option is to give Bea a visit in Bora.  For now, Im more of exploring this option because 1) its going to be a family affair, all of us, inc Taal will be going; 2) it'll come out way way cheaper than HK.  I'm all go for this plan but still awaiting the big green signal from the Husband. 

My bday in Nov - nope, no plans at all.  all expenses for the kids na lang.  Although a Center Stage videoke party sounds great... maybe with my brothers and sisters and some close friends.  This will entirely depend on the "wallet balance".

Taal's first bday and baptismal in Dec - last week, i finally came up with a theme for the Dec 21 event for Taal.  "UNO".  The Husband also liked it and actually made an invitation/poster the following day after i discussed it.  So for the UNO party, we already have the general concept, the smaller details will be planned out maybe last week of Nov.  My only worry is that it'll be peak season during those times, i might have to start earlier than planned.

Xmas 2008 - ada will already start working on the gift list.  

My fourth quarter of 2008 (Q4-08)  will be eventful and exciting, I just hope it'll be as I picture it in my mind. 

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