Monday, October 20, 2008

when i feel like writing

Its a monday and its a wonder how the world moves faster and time seems to double during Mondays. And Im having one like that... but i just needed to take a break and write.  

I think i overspent this weekend. Its just hard to say NO to food and coffee and quality time with the family.  We all drove to Batangas yesterday to deliver a package for the husband, he's still in faraway Mindoro, now on day no. 5.  

Its 2pm here in Manila. and im really sleepy.  My stomach did not let me sleep last night.  I had to rush to the banyo 2am and poop.  And also this morning before i left for work. and then another one at 10am in the office banyo.

Now im all drained.  Its only 2pm but my body feels like its 10pm already... hay..

The question still remains, what caused all these trips to the banyo? Cheers to my Mom and sister who's also spending more time in the banyo today, just like me. 

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