Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Been meaning to share this since the employee sale post. The dress from the sale is the dress i wore during the Tomas Morato Cocktails.  I'll post another entry about this.

The theme for the Rustans Fresh Tomas Morato was "FIRST".

And I have a couple of "firsts" as well:

1.  For the first time in 6 years, after 5 store openings, (Shopwise Araneta, Shopwise Antipolo, Shopwise HP, Shopwise Sucat and Rustan Fresh Cebu), the Tomas Morato branch opening is the very first one i attended where in I did not take pictures.  I told myself, "this time, i'll be a guest.  

2.  First time that I actually dressed-up for the cocktail party. I usually jsut wear
 something corporate or in extreme cases, a costume (HP opening motif was retro,
 and hell yeah I wore a retro outfit)

during the HP opening circa 2005

Me and Cheryl during Tomas Morato cocktails

3.  First time that I did not buy anything during the private shopping for VIPs.

4.  First time that I did not report for the first opening day to help out (bagger, customer service personnel, pager, etc).  For a lot of reasons, 1) it was my bday; 2) i was sick; 3)my husband wont let me out of the house. 

Days before the opening ofcourse was hectic including waking up and being in the far northern manila as early as 5am for pep rallies and other store preps.  And up until now, even a week after the event, i'm still sniffing and coughing and sniffing and coughing...

There is indeed, always a first time for everything.

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