Thursday, November 13, 2008

when house wares turn to gadgets

Check this out! Seems like our thoughts some 20 years ago are all becoming reality...
Remember that exercise you had in school, maybe grade 1 or 2, when the teacher asked everyone to think of their own futuristic gadget?  And everyone's "invention" seemed too impossible to exist.  I remember mine, a pillow that plays music.  Yeah I know, how simple! But it  sounded high tech then.

Anyway, here are some stuffs to check out.  Found this thru stubmleupon site. 
Nice to stumble on some of these items and maybe bring it home...  Maybe in Taal's generation, these won't be so high-tech anymore.

salt and pepper mill suspended in mid-air

a digital pot that displays the soil's condition (temparature, humidity etc..), 
it even shows the plant's "moods"!

This one, i just like the over -all design.  Not so high-tech. 
But can you believe this costs US$595??

More items here

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