Sunday, December 28, 2008


Decembers are always the busiest month of the year. For everyone.

And I was. 

What kept me pretty much occupied:
1.  Chrismas basket sales tracking (25,000 baskets across all stores).
2.  The head office christmas party (this costed me a weekend and a dead toe nail becasue of dance prctices)
3.  Taal's birthday and binyag
4.  Gift hunting
5.  Christmas!

I will post an entry for each topic above.  I just need to get all my files together, we are still on a long christmas break and most of my files are in my office computer. PLus i still need to get the photos from my sisters.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

UNO - Unang Lalaking apo, unang taon sa mundo

The Inspiration:  The Godfather 
The Concept:  Italian food.  Long table. Big family.

The Invites were ready as early as October

The Venue was reserved as early as November.

The Attendees:  Immediate Family anf closest friends 

The Menu:
Foccacia Bread with balsamic vinegar+olive oil dip
Green Salad (blue cheese dressing)
Osso Buco
Tomato Fetuccine with Tahong
Chicken Galantina 
Grilled Assorted Sausages with marshmallow

I would say this was again another last minute prep as we just finished the plan a day before the event.  All we knew was that we will have Taal baptized, then we will have a lunch celebration after since binyags in Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish are
 scheduled at 1130am.

But there were dozens of things to do that morning. the pick up of baloons, the pick up of the contis galantina, the registration in the church, the seminar (which we chose not to attend), the food prep, etc. etc. etc...

I guess we're used to last minute activities, we pulled it off alright. Except for some booboos:

1.   no white hat after the baptism so we used hie wash cloth instead. (my bad, didn't know we needed one.  Taal was just wearing maong and a white shirt!)

2.  the old church lady reprimanding us from missing the seminar 

3.  the part when we realized we left the sausages and the lettuce at home and ask our old yaya and another helper to go home and get it only to come back with Celery instead of lettuce!

The day ended with a new haircut which made taal say goodbye to his rockstar hair and hello to his nwe totoy look...

More photos here: 

Monday, December 8, 2008

i like to move it move it...

the more and more i think about it. 
the more and more i want to leave.

I imagine myself moving to a new home. 

Cleaning a new bathroom.
FIxing ada's new cabinet
Cooking polvoron in my new kitchen.

Life is tough here and i am hoping it'll get better once we get to leave.
Maybe sooner than i thought.. or maybe later than im hoping for...

photos from here.

Weekend P's

Weekend projects:

1.  Palitaw
I was not able to take  a picture, but my dad ate almost half the batch! Plus take home pa. 

2.  Painting 
After uying the art materials (paints and sketch pads and brushes, etc) last October, We finally got the chance to do some painting! And It was too much fun that we finished all the 20 pages of the sketch pad and filled up almost a wall along our stairs.  Thanks to Julie for her share of fun of 3 and 1/2 art works.  May i will try to take a closer photo of each just to share with everybody.  I think we will do this again.  A very good de-stressing activity.  Its just nice to see your hands filled with paint after painting.  Ada started from basic houses and flowers, pero she started doing abstracts after 3-4 basics... 

3.  Polvoron
Our Saturday night out in Pergola and Ruins in BF was spent buying Polvoron ingredients and some DVDs and PS games.  

But it was only last night, after dinner (around 9pm) when i got to work on Kyan's polvoron.  Yes its his because he requested for it.  And bugged me the whole day to do it.  So i did.  Finished by 10:30pm.  And here's the result.  It actually tastes good.  And i was so happy after.  Thanks to ada and manang for the assistance.  Ada helped in the molding and Manang did the wrapping.  Julie and Kyan did the eating, and Taal too! 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Excited para sa LP

Ito ay isang litrato na kinuha ko nuong nakaraanag taon.  Nabungi and aming panganay na si Ada.  Inakala ko nung una na ito ay ikalulungkot nya dahil talaga namang ngipin sa harap ang naalis.  Ngunit kabaligtaran ang nangyari! tuwang tuwa sya na kinailangan kong hulihin ang kanyang kasiyahan. At ito yon.  Sobrang excited sya sa ibibigay ng Tooth fairy sa kanya.  Aba valuable ata ang front teeth!

Para sa kaalaman lang ng lahat, P50.00 ang natagpuan nya sa ilalim ng unan nya kinabukasan. malaki na yun para sa pitong taong gulang na batang Pilipino! 

Gandang huwebes sa lahat!!