Saturday, December 27, 2008

UNO - Unang Lalaking apo, unang taon sa mundo

The Inspiration:  The Godfather 
The Concept:  Italian food.  Long table. Big family.

The Invites were ready as early as October

The Venue was reserved as early as November.

The Attendees:  Immediate Family anf closest friends 

The Menu:
Foccacia Bread with balsamic vinegar+olive oil dip
Green Salad (blue cheese dressing)
Osso Buco
Tomato Fetuccine with Tahong
Chicken Galantina 
Grilled Assorted Sausages with marshmallow

I would say this was again another last minute prep as we just finished the plan a day before the event.  All we knew was that we will have Taal baptized, then we will have a lunch celebration after since binyags in Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish are
 scheduled at 1130am.

But there were dozens of things to do that morning. the pick up of baloons, the pick up of the contis galantina, the registration in the church, the seminar (which we chose not to attend), the food prep, etc. etc. etc...

I guess we're used to last minute activities, we pulled it off alright. Except for some booboos:

1.   no white hat after the baptism so we used hie wash cloth instead. (my bad, didn't know we needed one.  Taal was just wearing maong and a white shirt!)

2.  the old church lady reprimanding us from missing the seminar 

3.  the part when we realized we left the sausages and the lettuce at home and ask our old yaya and another helper to go home and get it only to come back with Celery instead of lettuce!

The day ended with a new haircut which made taal say goodbye to his rockstar hair and hello to his nwe totoy look...

More photos here: 

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Meikah said...

Welcome to the Christian world, Taal! May you grow to be a good person. :)