Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend P's

Weekend projects:

1.  Palitaw
I was not able to take  a picture, but my dad ate almost half the batch! Plus take home pa. 

2.  Painting 
After uying the art materials (paints and sketch pads and brushes, etc) last October, We finally got the chance to do some painting! And It was too much fun that we finished all the 20 pages of the sketch pad and filled up almost a wall along our stairs.  Thanks to Julie for her share of fun of 3 and 1/2 art works.  May i will try to take a closer photo of each just to share with everybody.  I think we will do this again.  A very good de-stressing activity.  Its just nice to see your hands filled with paint after painting.  Ada started from basic houses and flowers, pero she started doing abstracts after 3-4 basics... 

3.  Polvoron
Our Saturday night out in Pergola and Ruins in BF was spent buying Polvoron ingredients and some DVDs and PS games.  

But it was only last night, after dinner (around 9pm) when i got to work on Kyan's polvoron.  Yes its his because he requested for it.  And bugged me the whole day to do it.  So i did.  Finished by 10:30pm.  And here's the result.  It actually tastes good.  And i was so happy after.  Thanks to ada and manang for the assistance.  Ada helped in the molding and Manang did the wrapping.  Julie and Kyan did the eating, and Taal too! 

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