Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part of the puzzle missing

I can laugh, I can smile. But somehow, it just feels incomplete. Like a part of big puzzle missing. There's a certain numbness in my heart that i try so much to re-activate but it just wont cooperate.

I am missing my Dad so much. Its almost 40 days but it feels like 40 years. I cannot help but still shed a tear every time i think of him being gone. My husband said i should focus on the bright side, but for now, its just too dark...

I live. And still love. But somehow, that part meant for my Dad still bleeds.

I know i should be ok someday. I know i will be fine soon. But for now, I will just let it bleed, until it drains to leave me with happy thought and fun memories.

Its still pain for now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Poem that changed us all

A day before my Dad's cremation, we found this poem he wrote in his journal. What gave us goosebumps was the fact that the poem was written same day as we found it, only 15 years earlier, 25 November 1994. Even after life, ang galing pa din nya. I guess he found a way to lead my mom to read this particular journal out of the dozens of other notebooks.

Here goes...

November 25, 1994

Some days ago, I ceased to be. . . And today…

Let the bands play
Let the music fill the air!
Shout to the sky.
Be happy, be aware.

That I shall now
Be leaving earth
To fulfill the
Promises of my birth.

Stop the crying
Start the laughter
Some lives sans me
Will now be better.

Scatter my dust
Along with the wind
Let it afloat.
My life rescind.

Let every speck
Strike out a tune,
So birds, bees, plants, trees
Will know – it’s Jun.

To those whose lives
I’ve deeply touched, somehow
Keep my few words
For I’ll be gone for now.

To those whose lives
I’ve brought deep sorrow,
Apololgies, please.
Here comes tomorrow.

To all my kids,
Wherever you are,
With pride pursue
That guiding star.

The vow I leave
Behind today…
Even beyond
For you I pray.

Always do good…
Be ever selfless…
With care and love
Your Ma caress.

Adhere to the truth,
You’ll never go wrong.
Keep God in your heart
You’ll always be strong.

With these I depart…
I do not want to cry,
I am dust remember,
So this is not goodbye.

So long… till then…
To one and all please smile,
I have to go. I will be back
But it will be a while.

It is my wish that this be read before my loved ones before I am cremated. They are sincere words which I want to impart. They contain my apologies, my feelings and my desires.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goodbye Papa...

I never really thought i would ever write a post from a memorial chapel. Using free wi-fi and while everyone else is trying to get a quick charge of sleep...

I turned 30 last sunday, and my Dad, turned to Him, also that same morning.

I tried asking him why it had to be on my birthday. And a lot of assumptions and theories came up. But this morning, as i spent time talking to him in my mind, the answer came, maybe there is no reason after all. It was just because he was bound to leave.

My dad is a friend. I love the fact that I can talk to him about anything under the sun. That he was a brother more than a dad. He was a barkada, more than a father. He was my life coach, my mentor.

I thank God for having to share my life with him. And as i said, the lesson is simple, Love Life. We had a great one together...

Although i think i had let go and accepted the fact that he's gone. Im bracing myself for the worse yet to come. The emotions will continue to pour out, and im sure tears will still roll down my cheeks every now on then for the next few years.

I love you pa. And im happy that i got to thank you and say this to you before you went. I am happy for your new journey.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I did. Today. In front of my boss.

I just couldn't help anymore. Been carrying this baggage for months now and today, it just broke.

Im ok now. Just making myself understand what it means when one says "you can't please everybody"

Hay, the boss won't be around for a week, I may be the only one in the office who's not happy about it. If there's anybody who trusts me in the building, it may be just the Boss.

Gonna move on. And be stronger. And always remind myself of that saying... You can't please everybody... :-(
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Para sa LP: Amuy pasko!

foods for gods
Originally uploaded by pizzi_pi3
Ewan ko ha, pero tueing makikita ko ang litratong ito, naamuy ko ang pasko.. kayo ba? Anu sa palagay nyo? Di ba parang amuy pasko na?

Medyo matagal tagal na rin akong di nakakasali sa lingguhang palahok, susubukin ko nang makibahagi uli linggo linggo. Pero sa Disyembre na pala ulit magbabalik ang LP? Hay, Maghihitay ako :-)

12 hours: half a day: one whole paid day

We finally had our thumbs stained with the blue ink by exactly 10 minutes past 7 pm. With 2 phones battery drained, a red nose due to the vitamin d supply from the sun, a super dirty pair of jeans from sitting on gutters to dirty stair steps, I could only say thanks for a very eventful day. Let me enumerate the reasons:

1. The main objective of registering was actually met.

2. I got to absorb a bit of the morning sun

3. Finally got to eat at the Kenji Tei Ramen House along president's ave

4. Discovered a possible printer for my brother's wedding invites, also along president's ave

5. Finally got to check out and try Perk's coffee, also along president's ave

6. I got to spend a whole day with my husband.

7. After weeks and days of coming home late, we finally got to eat dinner together, with both kids sitting and enjoying the fried chicken wings. :-)

If I would focus on the exhaustion I felt during the whole day's event, I would complain and complain about the whole ordeal, but on the brighter side, there were other happier and more fulfilling side events, which maybe, I can focus on and just transform as THE MAiN EVENTs. Ü .

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9 hours later...

Nine hours later and still waiting. I'd like to think this hell of a day is all worth the wait. New set of elected officials better do what they're suppose to do.

Its my first time to vote ever, yes I missed 5 elections already and somehow, I just enjoy those election holidays without really caring for what the elected politicians do. I did not vote anyway. But now, I fully understand why the masa reacts the way they do upon hearing corruptions and other panlolokos that these "powerful" people do. And since I decided to be that good citizen and practice my right to vote for the 2010 election, and I had to sacrifice a day under the sun, then maybe, I can finally say, I have a "say".
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On being responsible citizens

In the interest of being a good citizen and the want to practice our right to vote, me and the husband woke up early and headed to register for the election. 2 hours later, we are still here, under the scorching hot sun, together with hundreds others who actually believe one vote can make a difference. I'd like to think this chaos is because everyone else here are crammers like us but really, there should have been a system in place.

Getting the form from the fourth floor while the long accumulating line is outside the municipal hall complex is not anything like a system to me. But let's see.

On hour no. 2, the line is barely moving. I wonder if we should sleep over or something.

Then again, the bright side is having another government issued ID card. And we had to scorched ourselves for it. Honestly though, I like the heat. I wish I wore a 2-pc or something to maximize on the vitamin d from the morning sun. :-)
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Monday, October 26, 2009

For Immediate Hiring!

High level of Skill in

Familiar with
Powerpoint and / or Keynote
Word and / or Pages

Comfortable working with
Video editing software
3D Software (for making mockup of event setup)
Web design software (understands web standards and html)

Work Attitude
Comfortable making timelines, setting deadlines both for himself and subordinate (a junior graphics artist will be working under him / her)

Work Schedule
9:30AM to 6:00PM
Seldom do overtime work but if the need arises there is overtime pay.

Compensation: 20-25k / month (depends on level of skill)

The Junior Graphics Designer will work under the Senior Graphics Designer

High level of Skill in
Web Design Software

Familiar with
Powerpoint and / or Keynote
Word and / or Pages

Work Attitude
Comfortable working with timelines and tight deadlines.

Work Schedule
9:30AM to 6:00PM
Seldom do overtime work but if the need arises there is overtime pay.

Compensation: 12-15k / month (depends on level of skill)


All other details and job descriptions will be discussed when they come for their interview. There will be a 3 Step hiring process and from there 2 people will be hired. Please note that this is for IMMEDIATE HIRING.

(1) Initial interview (please bring your portfolio, most recent CV, PROPER 1x1 ID Picture)
(2) First Exam (short list will be generated)
(3) Final Interview

Please send your resume to misispb@gmail.com :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Chocolate Cake

This, my friends, maybe one of the best chocolate cake I have tasted so far! Karen's Kitchen's Choco Ganache.

The 8-inch round cake is at 700 pesos. They don't do deliveries and you have to order in advance and pick it up. But Its all worth the trouble.

One cake down, 2 more to go! I'm on a mission to find the best metro manila cake for choco, carrot, and mango. Any bets?

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Tee up!

Have you guys tried this? Its so small and light you would feel like taking and chewing on flavored air :-) but I like it. At 9.50 pesos a box, its not so bad. Especially after a very heavy and flavorful meal. Takes away those unwanted after tastes....
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Sunday, October 18, 2009


My newest baby... :-) I love its ruggedness.

I got a 250g so i can finally organize my displaced files since i had to return the hard drive of my previous company. Good thing i waited 4 months before getting a new one
MOre info here: transcend website

For those of you who also wants to buy, i have a contact who i get it from for a lower price.
Just send me a message: misispb@gmail.com :-)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dont Ask me to kiss you cause I will

I had the privilege of attending the opening night of the Spanish Film fest of Instituto Cervantes de Manila. The opening night featured a comedy film titled "No me pidas que te bese porque te besaré" in English "Don't ask me to kiss you, cause I will"

The story revolves around Albert, who's about to get married in 5 days. He feels like his life is incomplete and thinks it maybe because he's not ready to get married. Read the summary here.

Personally, I found the movie very entertaining. I was laughing almost the whole time. The movie felt light but there was depth.

A bit of trivia, for those who will watch this movie, One of the characters is also the director of the movie.

Schedule of the film showing here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Green Wedding Shoes

There is a huge turn-around re the wedding i'm planning. The venue might be moved to the other side of the region. From Nasugbu to Laiya. For some reason the move made it more exciting to plan.

I have again, been spending vacant hours scanning over sites and searching the net for many many inspirations.

I am very thankful for finding this website.

I wish i had this source when i was planning our wedding. This whole discovery made me want to get married again, of course, to the same person :-D

Here are some of the inspirations i gathered. Lovely. All lovely. I got all these photos from the green wedding shoes website

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newcomer complex?

Being a newbie may bring some advantages and disadvantages.
Right now, the disadvantages are more than the good ones. I guess not everyone trusts me as much as the Boss does. I spent my long ride home last night thinking and rethinking and i end up in front of our house being sad of what is and at the same time just glad to be home.

My last words before sleeping, aside from humming a lullaby for Taal, is that, I am lost in the outer world and that the only place i can call my own and where i feel i really belong is Home. Sabay sabi na, "kaya Ga, please wag ka masyado makalat ha?" :-)

Like all great people say, "this too shall pass..."

Photo Credit to Mr Hugo (via google search of "green apple")

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoe Addict? No of course not.

I look forward to that day when I can start displaying all my shoes just like this without having to worry about Taal trying them all out. Im just worried that he might trip!

Now with the additional 3 new shoes from Zara's bargain employee sale, I ffel more compelled to fix my shoe rack. , How I wish the Husband can actually help me make one.

Monday, September 7, 2009

On Wedding planning

Weddings excite me so! And with another wedding coming soon, I feel like I need to exhaust all those wedding creativity juices i have left after the KAsalan 2007.

I have been working on this next family wedding for quite a while now. For weeks now, i have again been on wedding websites and last weekend, i attended a bridal fair. To my surprise though, i have learned to say "NO" to all those flyer givers during the fair. I just took flyers from those we need. My goal was the invites and TY card printers and the caterers. I did drop by Blow Up Babies' booth though for one studio shot. MY sister works there as an apprentice photographer so i dropped by and said hello.

Being assigned as the over-all coordinator for this upcoming wedding kind of a challenge. I realized how much time and effort is needed to make it all happen. The planning, the details, the finalization, the inspiration. I wonder how i got to work on mine!?

With almost only 4 months to plan this wedding, i feel the pressure's slowly kicking in. The bride is somewhere on the other side of the planet and so is the groom. The distance thus makes coordination a challenge. So far we have only the wedding date, church and reception venue finalized. The entourage (which is mostly members of our family) will take care of their own outfits with just a general design and color assignments.

The seminars and all other paper works will be done abroad. Thanks to the Philippine embassy and their local catholic church who offers such services. I only need to get some documental requirement here such as the CENOMAR, baptismal and confirmation certificates to take care of. And all of it I am just waiting to arrive. The waiting though is just killing me!

I finally got to work on a design for their souvenir and somehow worked on the invites. I still don't have the details though with regards to the church and reception address and what to actually include in the invites. Maybe asked someone to make a poem or get one of the groom's poems from his highschool days??

Last night, 27 Dresses was on in Star Movies. I noticed how the bridesmaid dresses she owned sucked. (side comment lang :-))

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Indecent Proposal et al

Its sad to realize that people actually think of you as someone only after the peso sign.
I am happy to tell the world that my world does not revolve on money. Great to have a lot but not having it will not kill me.
After watching Indecent Proposal twice in HBO during the weekend, I can actually say, I am really who I think I am. When it comes to being happy and being rich, I'd rather be happy. I would rather be poor and dream of having money, than be rich and dream of being happy.
Call it cliche, but money really can't buy everything.

Although, that mac book pro I've been eying on would really make me happier :-)

Or that Jaguar XF I see everyday...

A Range Rover sport could bring me to places...

Nice to dream, and since its free, why not dream BIG!!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

my upgrade...

So what if the husband has this as his latest gadget....

I have this.
And loving every minute of using it. Even if its just worth 1% of the mac's price. :-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Sandwich Guy - A must try!

I have always been a big fan of sandwiches. If i had time, i'd make one everyday for baon! And my love for delis also made my mind create super sandwiches of different hams and sausages in my head.

Last week i dropped by Chowking in Pacific Star for my usual breakfast take out every morning. I saw this booth in the far end corner "the Sandwich Guy" but was hesitant to try because it looked like they just opened and no one was really buying. You know what they say, when its being mugged, it must be good. So i just ordered congee from Chowking and headed to the office.Jollibee is my normal breakfast buddy, that say I bought Chowking, can be called a special day. :-)

This morning, I was thinking of trying something different again. Was actually considering Pancake House in Petron, then that 45minute traffic in Sucat Road made me crave for Sandwich and the only thing in my mind is "the sandwich guy" in Pacific Star. When I got there, there were around 6 people in line waiting for ntheir sandwiches. But i patiently waited for my turn. I watched the crew make the sandwich and this time i was already so hungry i wanted to get a taste of all their sandwiches.

When it was my turn to order, I blurted the HBLT (Ham, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and cheese), because the guy crew was making 5 HBLTs and each overflowing with shredded bacons! I also wanted their crab stick and mango but it was not available so I settled for their English Egg Salad.
I ate that this morning.... and no regrets at all...

I already had to have a bite before taking a picture! See that chunky slices of eggs? It was really good. And the contents were in generous amounts! Unlike other sandwiches for sale.

For P60.00 this is definitely a must-try.

My lunch sandwich awaits....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gossip Girl mania

I know i'm pretty late already but i have been spending my alone time with seasons 1 and 2 of gossip girl for the past week now. In the shuttle, in a cab, during lunch breaks and after taal falls asleep at night. My husband asked me why i watch it. I answered by telling him im just glad I have a copy of all the episodes for both seasons. Its like a crazy telenovela addiction, only in english and in better taste and i did not have to wait another day to find out what happens next. Plus no commercials! My concern for now, is im almost done with season 2.

What happens next? What will i do now during my long trips to work and at night on my way home? This time, my tele-novela of a life will be on season-break :-)

XOXO, I know you love me :-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Sales Process

After college, when I spent sunday after sunday scanning the classified ads hunting for jobs, I asked myself more than enough times which field will I pursue. Service? Sales? Administrative? I took out the sales from the option, i did not think i was that convincing to sell something.

And 7 years later, here I am trying to study the Sales Process, its steps/stages, and the details with each step. I never knew something so simple can actually be this complicated!

After one month in my new job, i have realized that being OLDER, does not always mean being WISER. It's not really that bad. Its just that the "system" is not yet part of everyones system. I am working right now in making things better and I think this is the time i can finally use what I have learned in my previous work. I just hope i do remember the basics. My brains' been extra forgetful lately. Memory gap?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taal in Taal

Taal finally made it to Tagaytay. :-)

Surprisingly, when I asked Taal where Taal is, he pointed to the lake area. :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009


I am experiencing already the signs of old age as early as now.
My lower back's been draining my energy with the pain. I had a short chat with a doctor friend and he said I might have to take in Neurobion. I initially reacted violently and did not accept the fact that i will take in some medicine same as my parents are taking it. Well before he could reply back with his explanation to what this medicine is made off, i already did some googling and found out it was just vitamins. Here are some facts about it:

"A group of water-soluble substances including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin (nicotinic acid), niacinamide (nicotinamide), the vitamin B6 group (including pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine), biotin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, possibly para-aminobenzoic acid, inositol, vitamin B12, and possibly choline." Source

My doctor friend said there are no side effects to it. But upon searching again, I ran across this site. According to the writer, the medicine caused her scary mood swings. I am already naturally moody, what more with the medicine? I think its worth a try, this pain in my back already caused me enough bad moods already anyway.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rent control law signed

THis is indeed great news!

Rent control law signed

Seeking to provide a financial security blanket to about 1.55 million low income tenants, President Arroyo Tuesday signed the Rent Control Act of 2009 or Republic Act 9653 that puts caps on rental hikes.

In a simple ceremony at Malacañang's Rizal Hall, President signed the new rent control law that effectively extended the old law that expired last Dec. 31.

Among those who witnessed the signing were Vice President Noli de Castro, chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri and House Speaker Prospero Nograles, who co-authored the law.

"The significance of the rent control (bill) that was just signed by the President into law is somehow help to our lesser privileged citizens so that they will not bear the burden of uncontrollable increases in rentals," Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita Rent control law signed said in an interview.

A consolidation of Senate Bill 3163 and House Bill 6098, RA 9341 sets a one-year moratorium on rent increases in houses, apartments and other residential units including boarding houses, dormitories, rooms and bed space covered by the law.

After the one-year moratorium, the law sets a cap of seven percent in rent increases per year until the end of December 2013.

R.A. 9653, or "An Act Establishing Reforms in the Regulation of Rent of Certain Residential Units, Providing the Mechanisms Therefore and For Other Purposes," retains many of the salient provisions of the previous Rent Control Law which expired last Dec. 31, 2008.

These include the rent units from P1 to P10,000 for Metro Manila and other highly-urbanized cities, and P1 to P5,000 for all other areas.

However, rented units which are used as motels, motel rooms, hotels and hotel rooms are not covered.

De Castro said the new law brings "much-needed relief" to housing tenants "and this is very much in the same vein as our recent reforms in the housing sector, especially in the Home development Mutual Fund (HDMF), to lower housing loans interest rates in order to bring down the monthly amortizations."

According to De Castro the new law "complements the government's efforts to ensure affordable housing, especially for those who are earning less."

"This brings much-needed relief to housing tenants during this time of crisis. The bottomline is to keep families' monthly expenses for housing low, so that they still have money for other needs," the Vice President said in a statement.

"This is very much in the same vein as our recent reforms in the housing sector, especially in the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), to lower housing loans interest rates in order to bring down the monthly amortizations," he added.

Zubiri, principal author of measure in the Senate, said the new law would protect over 1.5 million households, as well as those renting rooms and bed spaces in dormitories and are exposed to possible abuse by property owners.

He said, "We have enacted into laws the Socialized and Low-Cost Housing Loan Restructuring Program; the Cheaper Medicines Act; Amendment to PSIC Charter or increasing the insurance on deposits by P500,000. The new Salary Standardization law and other similar laws which would help alleviate the sufferings and difficulties of our people in these hard and tying times," he said,

"That is why in the new Rent Control law, we even reduced the annual rate of increase of rent from the previous 10 percent to only seven percent," he said.

Zubiri, however, expressed disappointment that up to this day, "housing projects by private housing developers and even by the government housing agencies are not affordable to many Filipinos."

"It is imperative that we take steps to protect the interest of our fellow citizens who are forced by circumstances to rent, by one again enacting the Rent Control law," he said.

Last May, the Congress ratified the bill amending the Rent Control Act of 2005, which established reforms in the regulation of rent of certain residential units.

Violators of the newly-signed law risk to be slapped with stiffer fines ranging from P25,000 to P50,000 and face imprisonment of not less than one month and one day to not more than six months, or both.

The law will lapse in four years and the HUDCC is tasked to continuously regulate the rental of certain residential units, conduct review of its implementation, and formulate and implement a two-year transition program to cushion the impact in the event of a regulation-free rental housing market.

Prohibited under the new law is the advance rent payment of more than one month and a deposit of more than two month; and the sub-leasing of the rented property by the renters.

Under the law, the lessor has the right to eject the lessee on the following grounds: the renter assigns the lease or sub-leases the unit, the renter has arrears in rental payment for three months; the owner has legitimate needs to repossess his or her property and needs to make necessary repairs on the leased premises and the lease contract has expired.

Aside from Zubiri and Nograles, Sen. Rodolfo Biazon; Reps. Rodolfo Valencia, Teodoro Casiño and Amado Bagatsing espoused the newly-signed law.

"Congress did as much for the renting public. The rent increases of covered units will only be at 7 percent annually, as long as the unit is occupied by the same lessee. This is a big decrease on the cap which used to be 10 percent. Clearly, this is in favor of those who rent. The limit on rent increase will be effective until Dec. 31, 2013," Zubiri said.

"Until every Filipino family can afford to buy or build their own homes and until we can assure that our busiest districts are readily accessible by convenient and faster means of transportation even to those who do not live close by or in the rural areas or outside the urban centers, it is imperative that we support those who opted to rent for convenience and forced by circumstances, and to stretch the amount of their pay checks," he said.

Based on the new law, when the residential unit becomes vacant, the owner may set the initial rent for the next tenant.

However, in case of boarding houses, dormitories, rooms and bed spaces offered for rent to students, increase in rental should be allowed only once a year.

Under the new law, owners of residential units are allowed to impose not more than one month advance rent and not more than two months deposit.

Day 15 in the Cat's cradle

First week on the new job - realized why the universe placed me where I am. With the new boss, new friends (and foes) .

Second week - after writing that exit essay for our HR, I now feel like this new stint is just temporary and that I will still come back "home". I don't get as hyped up here with the cars as much as I do inside the store selling area.

Yesterday, I spent a good 2 hours in Shopwise Sucat, and it was heaven!

Right now, I just need to take it by the day...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Boss, My Friend

Its quite hard to put all of what's in my mind right now to writing. yesterday was such a big devastation that I wished it was all a dream. That I'd wake up this morning and realize it was all part of a dream. But the reality that is, this is life and life MUST go on.

Its funny how much this whole resignation feels like a break up. And I'm quite sure the moving on will be more or less the same. So I guess I' can quite say, I will get over this. The pain, the sadness, the adjustment.

My Boss, my friend.

If there's anything I'm proud of during my Shopwise stay, it is that my Boss, the VP for store operations, the head of the biggest dept in the whole company is not only my Boss, but a good friend as well. I'm proud of how we treat each other and how we relate to one another. And I guess, in this "break-up", he's the "boyfriend". And if there's anyone most affected by my leaving, it is him. Because after all, it was his life that I managed, for that long 6 years and 5 months. I will never learn the things I have learned from him from anyone else. I don't know if he realizes it but he made me who I am right now. His being difficult made me tougher.

It became a game, of who would think of what first. And it has reached that point that he did not even have to say it, things were already done before he can give the instructions. That, I think, was how I made his life easier. By me, going through the complications for him. This made me more analytical in a lot of ways. Yes he made me do things I've never done before.

I remember the newsletter we had started way back 2003. I had to learn Corel Draw and Photoshop because he volunteered me as the layout artist! And who would have thought, we would release the very first and last issue of Shopsy News :-)

The reports he made me do, which at first seemed impossible and time consuming given the number of stores and the parameters of which he wants the analysis based on, made me learn Excel and maximize its functions and features. And I think, I even exceeded his "knowledge level" in all MS office applications....

I would also like to give full credit to him for my Facebook account, because had he not asked about it, I would never have explored and update my own facebook account. I remember that day when he asked me what Facebook was, I said its a social network. With question marks still all over his face I said, "just like friendster", hoping he would then be enlightened but instead answered back saying " what's friendster". And that was the time, I went back to my computer and made him an account.

His love for media arts, made him aim for quality audio visual presentations, which then made me learn video editing. At first it was just home-video editing, now I'm using Adobe premier.

A travel agent, a liaison officer, a graphic artist, a computer technician, a software supervisor and even a fashion consultant at times. This all made me realize how much in the world there is to learn. And my Boss, my friend, made me realize this.

And if he's wondering if he taught me a thing or 2, I'd tell him NO. He is instrumental to what I am now. Not just one or two, but the whole package. I

I'll forever be thankful Manuel. (I hope I can get used to just the name without the "sir").

And If before I use to track the time for him, Now I will always remember him when I check on the time. He gave me my Mickey Mouse watch. :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009


a new phone... :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As real as it can get

The reality that is life, now is sinking in.

As the day goes by, it gets more and more true.
I'm breaking up my 6-year relationship.
I've got to move on though. Grow up.
But pls, don't stop me from being sad about it.
Even for a short moment.
Its nice to feel pain once in a while.

The countdown begins. 10 more days after today.
Gotta make the best of it. :-) I should work on a bucket list for this.

Looking forward though to another relationship to take care of...

Quality Deli in Sucat

I'm a big fan of hams and sausages and cheeses. I remember lunch breaks spent running to Santi's deli in Festival Mall, buying 50 grams of Farmer's ham worth P30.00 and buying 2 pcs pandesal in the Shopwise bakery and its yummy lunch for me! But I don't go to Alabang anymore as much as before so deli fix for me is a rare occasion now.

But not anymore, Shopwise Sucat recently added another value-added service in their store. They already have a Le Gourmet counter! With almost the same exciting assortment as there is in their main branch in Rustan's Makati. Im saying "almost the same" so expect some items available in Makati and not in Sucat.

They also have tables and chairs for a quick deli fix while shopping! Coffee is also served.

My all time favorite is their honey ham, my husband goes for their beef pastrami.

Try out their Breakfast Bangers sausage. Either have it fried or grilled. I prefer it grilled.

Another shot of their ham assortment.

I've always loved soft cheeses and i could finish a hundred grams of gorgonzola. But last saturday, it wasn't available yet so we had this Grueyere instead. Not a soft cheese at all but it was good i might add it as my next favorite. Next to Caprice de Dieux, that is.. :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009


It felt like a hidden treasure discovery. Found this while cleaning up my hard drive.

Love the dramatic effect. Even our facial expressions. Taken by Aris during our wedding last March 2007.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Test Shot

And so the trip yesterday to Hidalgo was a success. Went there to buy a camera and extra lens with my Boss. Yup, my boss and I went to Hidalgo. Amidst the flooddy gutters, and the palengke-like atmosphere. I'm hoping he feels it all worth it. We got his camera almost 8k lower than mall price. Then we also got him a telephoto lens. One of our managers also asked me to buy him a lens and the curious cat in me just had to try it out myself.

When I got home, Kyan attached the Sigma 70-300 lens to his camera and we did a little shooting. Here is my favorite photo from the set.

This is another new target. By Nov 2009, I will have a new camera and a new lens. I will really work on this goal.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The life changing week

I am going out of my comfort zone.

The theatrical supermarket life that i have been living on for 6 years will be ending in a few more weeks. I filed my resignation last wednesday.

You see, it was not that easy for me. Being backstage in this "theatre" is like a dream come-true for me. I've always wanted to have my own supermarket since grade school. But for now, in the immediate future, I need the change soon or I explode.

I said the exact same thing to the Boss of my boss who talked me into staying. He said I was making the wrong move moving to another industry which is very unstable as of this time. I told him I've already made up my mind. My Boss who I have served for 6 years didn't stop me, he said he will be selfish if he does. I am assuming he saw in my eye, the strong determination to leave. I really need the big time change.

I feel like breaking up with a long time boyfriend. And it may sound cliche-ish but i should have told my boss this line - "it was not you, it's ME".

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Misyon para sa LP

Ang Misyon: kunan ng litrato ang mga bagong tinapay ng tindahan.

Kaya isang sabado ng umaga, kinailangan kong guming ng maaga upang makarating sa tindahan bago ito magbukas para sa madla. Bitbit ang hiram na kamera (oo humuhiram lang ako ng camera, sira kasi si canon ni mister), dinayo namin ang Shopwise Alabang upang subukan at litratuhan ang kanilang bagong tinapay.
Sa halos limampung litrato, mangilan-ngilan ang masasabi kong magandang kuha. At sa aking palagay, isa ang litrato sa itaas.. :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Challenge

I haven't been writing lately.

For some reason, can't seem to find the words to describe what I'm currently going through. The "universal challenge" is really doing its job! I've been having sleepless nights and I even stopped reading my book during my morning trips and dedicated the entire one hour ride to just thinking.

And no matter how much i weigh things, no matter how much i know one side wins, my heart still shouts the same thing. "Go!"

As much as I'd like to share the details of this whole issue at hand, I'd rather not yet. Maybe soon. But to make it simpler, the story goes something like this...

I'm on the road, driving my way towards life, then i come to a fork.

Two options, the smooth, cemented road. The road I've known for so long that i can drive by with my eyes closed. Straight-no curve road.

The other road is rough, unknown. Never been set foot on. Unsure. But the bright red glow at the end of it can be seen from where i am. Blurry though, but visible. I don't know if this will be a straight path or not. I just don't know.

Both roads seems promising. The easy-way out could be an obvious choice, But my innards are shouting at me to take the rougher path.

You see? I am torn but I know deep inside that I'm not. I feel the want to take the challenge. I just know there's something good in that rough path. Something which may also be in the easier path but may take me longer to achieve.

My heart says go face the unknown.
My brain shouts at me to be practical and make the wiser choice.
All the other parts of my body are confused .

And as closing, I'd like to sing Miley Cyrus" "The Climb".

Listen to it, it's makes a lot of sense!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Universal Challenge

The universe is currently posing a challenge for me. I may have to make a decision sooner than I thought. The question now, is can I do it?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ellen's Commen-cement

This made my morning. So funny.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the sex scandal

I just saw the video.

They say its the real one but i think its too dark to even tell if it was hayden and katrina! Nevertheless, i feel that both of them somehow knew what they did would come this far. If it was really a "love-making" they were doing, then why record it? Does it add to the fun? Maybe...

But for those of you who wanna see the controversial video. Just click this link. I dunno where the blogger got a copy but he claims its the real deal. For you to judge though...

Jumped for Joy for Kris Allen

Once again, the universe conspired with my wish! Kris Allen won!!

Twitter's currently being filled with criticism re the results and some are actually's starting a campaign for a recount. What the heck?? Go on ahead and recount. Kris Allen's still my guy :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I regret having to watch this just now.  I've heard about it 2 years ago but just totally forgot.  Thanks to my Kris Allen, who sang the award winning song "Falling Slowly" during the movie song week in American Idol a few weeks ago. 

The movine being the "modern musical" that they're claiming really did well becasue of the beautiful songs.  I've been listening to the soundtrack on day 3 now.  And "Falling Slowly" is the most played song in my Itunes.  The song is really lovely. Lyrics below.. :-)

And Glen Hansard really sang it well... 

Monday, May 18, 2009

American Idol Season 8

Bonding moment with the husband this weekend was watching the American Idol marathon in Star.  And if I was to vote between the two finalists, its Kris Allen for me... I have nothing against Adam lambert, I mean he's one great performer.  Everytime he sings, not only does he shouT "Rock " but he also knows how to rock the stage and bring everyone to their feet and rock with it.

Kris, on the other hand, got my vote because of his charm :-P.  His songs are mostly perfectly sang.  And anyone watching or hearing him sing can feel the emotions attached to every song he interprets.  No lost notes, always at his best no matter what song.  I especially like "Falling Slowly".

Plus he's devilishly handsome.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Freshly Baked breads in Shopwise Alabang

And so I had to wake up early on a Saturday morning.

Today, Shopwise Alabang just opened its new Bakery section. I must say I was really impressed on how fast it all happened. It was just being planned a few days ago. But they made it happen today.

Not only did it make the whole first level look delightful and clean, Alabang customers can now enjoy freshly baked breads and cakes at very affordable prices.

I kept singing the song "My favorite things" of Sound of Music because of this P24.00 Crisp Apple Strudel!! I bought a whole tray before heading home!!

More photos here.

My internet connection at home...

We just recently signed up with Globe/Innove for their phone and dsl package of P1295.
Took them 5 days to have the application processed and finally had it installed.

Its not so bad. not bad at all. Atleast so far.

But I was hoping for the modem/wireless router so we wont need to purchase a router.
They installed a modem wired router instead. Wonder if i can have it changed....

Here's the speedtest results of our connection...

Friday, May 15, 2009

My OFfice PC Speed test results

not so bad...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mangatyanan -

Suportahan natin si Che!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Wishlist

1.  I wish I know how to sew... 
So i can make my own dresses, 
sew my own curtains, 
repair my husband's torn pants, 
make a blanket for my kids...

2.  I wish I knew basic carpentry

So I can work on whatever needs to repaired at home
And make my own tables
Put up the shelves for Mr PB's books
Maybe make a bed for taal
And make my own frames for my photos...
And have a legit reason to buy power tools :-)

3.  I wish I had the hand of a painter 

So I can paint the beauty that my eyes can see
So I can fill up our house walls with beautiful colors...
And express the overwhelming feeling thru a canvass.. 

Ang Simula para sa LP

Nung araw na kinuha ko ang litratong ito (Sept 2006) ang panimula ang pagkahilig ko sa paglilitrato.  

Natuwa ako sa emosyon na nahagip ng isang klik ng kamera.
Marami pa kong kuha nung hapon na iyon.  Bisitahin niyo dito

Salamat at Maligayang Huwebes!!