Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the new members of the family

We have a new yaya, manang liza, who arrived last jan 7 from the mountains of mindoro.  She's good. cleans the bathroom every morning. and the whole house too! so walking around the house bare foot is not a worry anymore.  My old yaya's been calling the house.  I have a strong feeling there's an intent to come back, i guess i'll have to say no.

Last week, kyan miraculously got money from her kind-hearted sister Julie for his laptop purchase.  Its a loan payable when able.  So after months and months of lurking aroung philmug.org, his nosyness finally paid off.  He got a second hand mac book pro for a price so good we had to rush to makati saturday morning to check the unit and meet the very handsome and kind-to-mac owner of the macbook pro.  

So the new 2nd hand mac is now 4 days old with us, but i still catch my husband smile in disbelief that he is indeed, a mac owner now!  Haha, dreams do come true.  Ada and I had a good laugh playing with the photo booth yesterday morning.  And Im guessing the husband will be spending more time with his new toy than with me.  Let's give it a month maybe...

I still have lots of topics to write about and i hope i get to find time to write about it before the planning season starts to get busy.

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