Saturday, January 3, 2009

the one big bang of 2009

I have a lot of pending topics to blog about but i had to write about this recent dilemma that we are facing.

My Yaya of 1 year said her goodbye yesterday.   Great timing! (with much sarcasm!) Office will start na on MOnday after the long 2-week break.  

I feel like i just lost a friend.  We have all grown fond of her and we gave all 7 of her kids and her husband a christmas present.  We sponsored her noche buena.  She went home to her family during the break.  We treated her like OUR OWN, and yet, somehow it all didn't matter now.
  She still left and moved to a new family.  

I feel bad not because i gave so much.  I feel bad because she had become family already and i dunno, if at all, she felt the same.  Maybe she did, she did her last batch of laundry early this morning before she left. 

I really couldn't tell the exact reason why she left.  She said she's starting to have back pains because of Taal.  She's moving to a new family with no kids.  All grown up and there's 4 of them helpers in that family.  Some rich family maybe somewhere in BF.

I had to let her go.  She had her flaws but efficiency-wise, i could not complain.  SO i would be a hypocrite if i say, she's not a big loss, because she is.  Oh well, Goodbye "Maman".`

They say, once a door closes, a window opens... that i have to wait and see...

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