Monday, February 16, 2009

D for Drama

The plan was to write about my V-day with the husband but i feel there are more pressing emotions that needs to be exhaled.

I have always admitted, well, at least to myself, that i have issues.  Issues from the past that's been affecting my present. If there's anything in my adult life that really puts me down is rejection.  That is one of the few reasons why I'm thankful to be a female, as a guy, i would not know what to do if i get turned down by a girl i like.  

Last night, the husband and I had a huge misunderstanding that started from a wickedly small thing.  Too petty yet it made way for the other bigger issues to come out. And my eyes are still suffering until now.

The moral of the story, make sure to keep an emergency stick or 2 of cigarettes,  so buying a pack wont be used as an excuse to get out.  

We all need the drama once in a while.  To make us realize that all the world, is indeed a stage, and we are merely actors in our own little theaters.   The episode made me know myself better, and in my head,  I'm still working on the thesis to make me wiser. 

I would still happily share my V-day with the husband a little later.  I feel a lot better now. 

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