Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A date! finally!

Finally! A night out with the husband!

And so Mister and Misis PB met up in Glorietta last night for the advance screening of Valkyrie.  Thanks to Fruit Magic for the free tickets!

Bought a 12-inch submarine in Meister (by Almon Marina) and shared it with the husband before the show.  

Word for the night?  AWE. 

It all felt new to me actually, the last time i saw a movie was Dec 2007?  I think that was Transformers. And that was in an SM Cinema so no Taters!  

I wanted to buy their 99peso combo of chips, popcorn and iced tea, only to be told that that combo has long been gone.  The popcorn-2-iced-tea  combo cost me 140 pesos!  Has it really been that long?  

The digital tru-surround of cinema 6 was really amazing.  

The Ayala Cinema Chairs that felt so comfy made me realize why a movie ticket costs so much!

I wonder when we can get to watch again?? 

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