Monday, February 16, 2009

My Freebie Valentine

Husband and I never really celebrated this day.  As a matter of fact,  I've never had a lovely (as it should be) Valentines day for the past how many years. (previous entry here)

And I'm very happy to share that i had a great V-day this year. 

Because of the free movie ticket and popcorn from Rockwell, (entry on that here), It had to Powerplant for us that day.   So we left the  kids at home and headed there. 

As instructed, we presented the tempo tickets to the Cinema counter and got the actual tickets and other coupons from the friendly cinema people. We still had enough time to go around the mall so we did.  As expected, the mall was filled with couples.  Boys and girls either holding a bouquet of flowers or balloons.  

After walking around for almost an hour, and desperately looking for a place to eat that would fit our budget, we finally settled to treat ourselves to Pepper Lunch.  I've
 been wanting to try them since last year so I was really happy to accidentally passed by it after visiting Rustans Supermarket. 

It was only during dinner when it really dawned to me that it was, indeed, Valentine's Day... I remember seeing the lips ad somewhere but it never occurred to me that we would be part of the promo! 

I swear to God I blushed big time when they asked us to kiss! I then realized why there was clapping inside when we were still waiting in line outside.  They ring a bell for every kiss, a signal for all staffs to clap and greet the couple.  Naturally, all eyes will be on the couple in the counter when the bell rings!   What people do for free dessert! 

So they served our food.  Sorry for the photos, I only had my cellphone with me, Did not remember to bring a camera... 


I had the Chicken Pepper Rice while the husband ordered the Combo Cut Steak and Hamburger...  

The Pepper Lunch dinner turned out to be the highlight of our night.  Good food and not very expensive. Value for Money.    And the free dessert, was really good.  For Valentines 2009, Pepper Lunch budgeted to spend additional P12,000 for their Valentine Treat to a free Molten A la mode for the first 100 couples to kiss. Wow, what could be the treat for next year? 

I told my husband how much freebies we got for the week. (Valkyrie on Monday, Tiendesitas Gimik on Wednesday, Tsubo on Thursday, Audrey Hepburn on Saturday, Plus free Dessert in Pepper Lunch

And so after the dinner and stick of cigarette, we then headed to see Breakfast at Tifanny's.  

They really set the cinema to the theme.  The carpet on the way to theatre was filled with rose petals.  And its amazing how many were inside the cinema, I was surprised to know that a lot of people still appreciates classic films.  And again, I fell in love with the seats!   They were even more comfortable than the ones in Glorietta.  I was also glad that they did boost the aircon so high.  It was just right.  So right that the husband, fell asleep in the middle of the film, well he's into classics but somehow the slow pacing of the movie lulled him to sleep for a good 5  minutes.  

After the movie, we headed back to Rustans to buy something for the kids.  A chocolate muffin from Le Gourmet.  I should have taken a picture!  It was delicious!   I did not actually expect it to be that good.  But I liked it so much i might drop by Rustans Makati later to buy some. 

Well, that's about it.  We then headed home and spent quality time with the kids. Sang nursery rhymes with Taal as he tried hard to copy my Eensy Weensy Spider actions before he slept, and watched the movie Great Expectations with Ada, which we did not get to finish because we fell asleep.  

Even with the "episode" last night, I still had a great Valentine weekend. 


chuvaness said...

hey thanks for coming to PL!! how was the movie? was it a reel or was it a DVD?


misispb said...

Hi Cecile! Am not sure if it was reel or DVD, But I think its DVD, there are scenes kinda pixelated. I dont think that'll happen if it was reel. Pepper Lunch was great! Will sure come back for more. Thanks for the comment!