Wednesday, February 25, 2009

**inhale... Exhale...*

Q:  What can really ruin a good day?
A:   A grumpy husband 

You feel guilty for being late for work.  So you work your ass off for the first 1-2hours on your desk.  Then you realize, the husband who's in a far away land haven't sent any message for the last  12 hours so you start to worry.  You get so worried that you stop everything you're doing, ignore all the capital R-U-S-H stamped papers, and dial his number.  You then get to talk to him.  And find out that he just woke up and did not realize it was almost already too late. Then you tell him of your late night out and that you got and also lack sleep.  Then he asks you why.  Then you tell him, you should read your messages.  You say this to him because you took time to update him, 1)last night during the party; 2)early morning when you got home from the party; and 3)later in the morning when you were on your way to the office.  Then he annoyingly reacts saying "Not today.  You don't know what i went through".  Then you asks why he's reacting that way.  Then he answers again with the same line.  You then wonder what you said wrong that made him angry/annoyed.  Then you agree with yourself there is nothing wrong with what you said but you realize that you try to do something nice by calling and asking how he was.  Then you also start to get annoyed and feel bad.

Sh*t.  You think it'll ruin YOUR day if this happened to you? 

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