Tuesday, February 10, 2009

VALKYRIE: trivia from IMDB

  • Tobias Moretti was slated to play Adolf Hitler, but had to decline due to schedule conflicts.

  • Carice van Houten, who plays Nina Stauffenberg, is the longtime companion ofSebastian Koch, who played Stauffenberg in the critically acclaimed German TV movie Stauffenberg (2004) (TV).

  • Initially, Germany's Ministry of Defense would not allow filming on Bendler Block. They relented after appeals from Tom Cruise and Screenwriter/Producer Christopher McQuarrie. The entire crew started every night of filming with a moment of silence in memory of Stauffenberg.

  • Eleven extras playing Wehrmacht soldiers were injured on the set when they fell out of a moving lorry (truck). One suffered a serious back injury, the rest had bruises, cuts, and head injuries. An insurance company investigation concluded that an extra closed the side panel improperly, causing it to open while the lorry was in motion.

  • Some scenes had to be re-shot when the original film was destroyed after being treated with the wrong chemical during development.

  • The film was originally scheduled for release on August 8, 2008, then moved up to June 27, 2008. The producer couldn't find a suitable location for the battle sequence in which Stauffenberg loses his eye and hand, halting production and moving release to October 3, 2008. Filming resumed in June 2008, and release was moved to February 13, 2009. After a successful test screening, release was finally moved to December 25, 2008.

  • Cruise was attracted to the role after seeing a picture of Stauffenberg, and noticing how similar he looked.

  • Germany has strict laws against displaying the swastika, though artistic displays are specifically exempt. Filmmakers usually use incorrect swastikas to avoid causing public outrage. The producer wanted swastikas for authenticity, so the crew posted warnings around the filming locations. Still, a local resident filed an official complaint with the city, who pressed charges against the owners of some filming sites.

  • Patrick Wilson was originally cast in the film but he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

  • Carice van HoutenWaldemar KobusChristian Berkel and Halina Reijn appeared in Zwartboek (2006), Paul Verhoeven's movie based on World War II.

  • When Hitler signs the revised Valkyrie, the fountain pen clipped to Colonel Stauffenberg's bag is a Pelikan M100, produced in Germany during WWII.

  • Three actors in the movie are born on December 12: Kenneth Cranham in 1944, Tom Wilkinson in 1948 and Bill Nighy in 1949.

  • Four cast members also appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean films together: Bill Nighy (General Ollbricht/Davy Jones), David Schofield(Von Witzleben/Mercer), Kevin McNally (Dr. Goerdler/Gibbs) and Tom Hollander (Colonel Brandt/Lord Beckett). Hollander and David Bamber (Adolf Hitler) have played Mr. Collins in different productions of Pride and Prejudice (the 2005 film and the BBC miniseries, respectively).

  • Two cast members appeared in "Downfall", about the last ten days of Hitler's life. Christian Berkel played Ernst-Günter Schenck, an SS Doctor. Thomas Kretschmann played SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein, Himmler's adjutant and Eva Braun's brother in law.

  • Philipp von Schulthess, who plays Tresckow's aide in "Valkyrie", is the grandson of Claus von Stauffenberg. In the movie the wife of Stauffenberg is pregnant with the mother of Philipp von Schulthess.

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