Monday, March 2, 2009

Brewed for Life!

One of the events during our weekend was attending Koy and Hanna's wedding last Saturday, Feb 28, 2009.

The ceremony was held in St Jerome Emiliani in Alabang, and reception was in Portofino Clubhouse in Daang Hari.  The emailed invites said the ceremony will start 330pm.  We got to the church 345pm to find some other couple being wed.  Which made me doubt if we got the date and the church right.  We decided to sit and have coffee in Almon Marina.  Then I dialed directory assistance to get St Jerome's office number to confirm if indeed, there is a Payongayong-Batin wedding set for that day.  The church office personnel was actually hesitant to disclose the info that she had to ask me how we were related to the bride/groom.  I politely answered "Umm, friend po?".  Only then dis she confirm that there is one set at 4:30pm.  

After the coffee and a few photo clicks, and a visit to SW!TCH for some mac window shopping, we then headed back to the church to check on the wedding.  It was already on the first reading part.  Orange was their motif.  Sadly we knew no one else in the crowd.  No other people from LB.  The only people we knew, JC and Nikki Aniban who confirmed to attend will only make it to the reception, as JC  had a class until 5pm.  One word to describe the whole ceremony, Solemn.  We did not see Koy and Hannah;s face until before the "you may kiss the bride" part when Koy, naughtily waved his hand in full throttle that made the crowd shout.  This was the only moment when the seriousness of the event broke and I finally got to breathe normally.  

This was another traditional and stick-to-the book kind of wedding.  Aside maybe from the color motif, there was nothing in the ceremony and in that church that represented the couple's personality.  I started to talk to my husband about this when we were in the church but he made me stop talking and said it was impolite to make such comments.   

So  since there was no way i can exchange and share comments about it with my husband, who was the only person I know at that time aside from the couple currently being tied-up in front, I dwelled on this thought on my own.  I like out-of-box kind of weddings.  And believe me I do (check my wedding site)!  Its never to get more attention but to make everyone who share that day with you feel and know the couple by some or more of the details of the wedding.  To make everyone feel the happiness that both of you feel that day.  Not just by feeding them good food, but to make sure that they are comfortable and relaxed.  And I think this was an objective that was met during our own wedding. 

As i found out later, so did Koy and Hannah, but there were violent reactions from the elders who were kind of old-fashioned  and into traditional weddings.  And I guess most parents are like this.  And one reason why a wedding couple's idea gets held-up because its just too "out-of-the-box".  Plus the fact, that a chunk of the payable will be for the parents' tab... well, who can argue with that?  

The reception venue was very nice. Portofino Clubhouse had this Mexican/Mediterranean motif and the orange and tangerine walls really got my husband's attention.  

The food was great! Thanks to Center Table Catering.  My personal favorite was the fish fillet and the baked cheezy potato.  

The program was fun and they had a good party host.  She got my attention that i actually remember her name Malerie, its like Valerie but with an "M". 

The fotobrew station also added to the fun.  here are some of the results. 

the newly weds, Koy and Hannah Payongayong

My personal favorite, when Nikki tried to "steal" the scene.  Our shots with the Bride, Hannah. 

Another set with the bride...

And one set with the groom, Koy. 

The plan was to leave a few minutes after the dinner party but we had too much fun that we were one of the last to leave.  Seemed like the boys still wanted more time together that we went to their  lovers suite in Parque EspaƱa and stayed with the newly weds and some other friends until 3am!  Besides, its nice to take a break once in a while...

Good food + lovely venue + good friends  = GREAT TIME. 

But the best part is that the "lady who slipped" will forever be part of Koy and Hannah's special day. And that's for me to know  :-)

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