Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BUzzy as a beee.....

I  really had to find time to write.  Been extra busy the past days and will even be busier these coming days.  I just want to breathe before the day eats me alive.

The Boss will be gone for a month, his first long break in 6 years!   And since he's got only 3 more weeks before he leaves, I think he's starting to panic  and rushing everyone for our pending and on-going projects.  Which then disrupts my own schedule.  Am suppose to finish a report  and Im already 2  days behind...  Plus the birthday invitation I have to finalize and print.  Yes its also for my boss' daughter.  Hay. 

Oh what to do first?  Anyway, Gotta start on something.  

Sh*t, he's calling me again! 

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