Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Credit Card control

I used to have 4 credit cards. Until I realized it was eating me alive. So as of the moment, I am currently not using any.  Since I have been working on my boss' US trip arrangement for months now, i realized how online boooking made my life easier and i could not ahve done this without a credit card.  This made me think that maybe, i do need one after all. 

I chanced upon this site wherein someone needing a card can get most if not all of the info one needs. The site explains well the different offering each credit card company offers. DealsForCreditCards.com is a credit card comparison site that provides users with news, information, and the most comprehensive list of credit card offers on the web. Consumers can use DealsForCreditCards.com to research credit card offers, calculate balance transfer savings, and compare terms and conditions of cards side-by-side.  They even have articles on news and current updates.  It even does an online computation of payments and interests. (balance transfer credit cards)

If i do get one again, I think i will get the one with the earning miles, see article here.  An excuse for me to travel :-) But then again, another thing to learn to do is to control control control. 

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