Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So the report i was working on last week, we finally got to send it Friday afternoon. Final result? SW have lower or almost the same prices than SM but more expensive than PG. The outcome of the SM vs SW prices somehow surprised me.  I guess, SW already have lowered their prices in most, if not all of their top-selling products.  Don't belive it?  I have proof and receipts to prove it! (huh! figure it out yourself)

Now what's keeping me? Am working on some numerical reviews and its eating up a lot of time as im working on a per store basis.  

The office recently bought a digital camera.  Not some SLR that ive been drooling on.  But a SANYO VPC 870, which is, for everyone's info, is currently on sale at all SW branches at a very low low low price of P5,595.00!

Basic features are: 8.1 MP, 2.4 inch LCD, 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, face detection, red eye removal, and anti blur technology

I put the camera to test last weekend and will post some of the results in my multiply soon.  

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