Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Married Away on the 24th of March

Its been two years...  The year 2007 was quite busy for us. Since the wedding announcement August of 2006, I was already engrossed with the whole wedding planning for the March 2007 schedule.  You wanna know a secret though?  This is something, I think i never shared with anyone else... Why I chose March 24 as our wedding date.

These are the 5 main reasons:

1.  Start of summer means fat chance of a no-rain day.  We were gonna have the wedding in Tagaytay, who would want rain for that day?

2.  Its was Saturday a week before the sweldo, meaning, my work friends (store managers etc) can take a leave for that day and attend my wedding.  And they did.. :-) well most of them. 

3.  The original sched of our Business Planning off-site presentation that year was supposed to end by March 16, so the March 24 event would be perfect time to relax after a hectic week. In Tagaytay!

4.  No more classes for the kiddos and for Kei :-). Ada's prep graduation was March 23!

5.  And lastly, that was the closest saturday to my "safe" period.   I have always had regular menstrual cycles so keeping track of my hormones was quite easy. I wanted to enjoy our Palawan honeymoon! 

So there! secrets' all out. A supposedly Normal, uneventful Saturday turned out to be a date we will forever keep as special... 

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