Monday, March 9, 2009

My mom?

Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar

Understand and Confirm Your Lucky Element
Time Zone: 8 city Longitude: 120 Gender : Female
Birth Year: 1979 Month: 11 Day: 22 Hour: 5 Minute: 30

The following is your birth chart. You are Black Snake, born in the year of Brown Sheep. The first character in DAY represents you. So you are equivalent to Water.
Hour (kids)Day (you)Month (parents)Year (ancestor)
Female WoodFemale WoodFemale WoodFemale WaterFemale WaterFemale WaterFemale WoodFemale WoodFemale WoodFemale SoilFemale SoilFemale Soil
RabbitRabbitGreen RabbitSnakeSnakeBlack SnakePigPigGreen PigSheepSheepBrown Sheep

Your birth chart was generated using the Chinese Stem-Branch Calendar system. The Stems, upper row in the chart, are Five Elements which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The Branches, lower row in the chart, are 12 animal names which are related to Five Elements. The following Five Elements distribution chart is produced from your birth chart.
Five elementsWater Water (you)Wood Wood (kids)Fire Fire (money)Soil Soil (job)Metal Metal (mom)

Here we select an element from the Five Element chart as your Lucky Element. The Chinese Yin-Yang Five Elements describe the BALANCE. When the Five Elements are balanced, they are in harmony and you will be lucky. When they are out of balance, they are in conflict and cause you trouble. So your lucky elements are the ones that bring the Five Elements into balance. Usually the lucky elements are the ones with a lesser weight (score). Here we want to pick Metal as your lucky element, because your Five Elements have a better shape when the weight of Metal increases. 
Now you need to remember your lucky element - Metal, go to find your lucky times and places or find your best years.

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