Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OK. now what?!

Some family update, my relatively new  Yaya, (she started jan 09) went home to Mindoro and we told her not to come back anymore.  She's got some issues anyway and right now, we are waiting for a new yaya to come aboard.  So my husband is in charge of the kids and the house since Thursday. When I get home, i do the cleaning, the washing of the dishes, the tidying-up of the whole house, etc etc.

Last Friday, i had to beg off a night out with my LB brods and sisses.  I was already at home by 630pm and really had no intention of going.  As much as I'd love to join the fun and laughter, i guess family comes first.  

Saturday.  "Losyang Mommy Ana " woke up 8am.  When i got out of the room, i was disgusted to find hundreds and hundreds of red ants lining up going somewhere i dunno. Must be the cookies or something the kids ate. I had to clean it  up pronto! Swept all 3 floors and did some mopping in the first and second floor.  Ada was scheduled to go out with my parents and youngest sister to watch Ballet Philippines' Neo-Filipino in CCP.  I cooked omelette for breakfast, which ada did not like so much so i packed it up for her to bring for my dad.  My dad loves omelette's. I also made her 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as baon. 

I wanted to go to a park and spend time with Taal.  Bring the camera abd do a little shooting.  But the nearest park to us is a memorial park!  So we decided to just return a defunct DVD that the husband bought in BF Ruins some weeks ago.   After Ruins, we spent some time in the Pergola playgound.  Its pretty obvious Taal had a blast! 


We then had a snack in El Fav.  Taal finished up a shot of strawberry ice cream. 

Sunday was reserved for Masikap.  Bea's in town for the weekend so we have a reason to celebrate and fill in our stomachs with MEAT.  The husband took care of the grilling and it was good.  He's the expert griller.  Really, when it comes to grilling, nothing gets it done right but him.  Especially the burgers and the steaks.  Ate Lulu also bought some Bangus which got my attention the most.  I think i finished half the fish!  

I always look forward to spending time with my husband's family.  Its always fun and productive.  We talk about practically the same things everytime:  For fun, we mock kyan and observe taal and his new tricks.  Productive because we discuss what we need to do to get get filthy rich, we build our dream houses (imaginative way, ofcourse), we talk about manila's pollution, and where we should spend our next vacation (as if we even had one before!).  My camera ran out of battery so i did not get to take  some pictures.  I will just wait for Bea to post the pics she took. 

We were home by 5pm.  Cooked dinner, the Lumpiang Sili for the husband and Lumpiang shanghai for the kids and Wilson. The husband and I did some cleaning while Ada took care of Taal.  We were discussing that maybe, we can get used to this lifestyle.  I mean the no-yaya lifestyle.  

I bet he totally disagreed when he had to finish a map and slept 6am the following day (which was already monday)  and had to wake up early and take care of Taal. Surprisingly, when i got home from the office last night, the  dishes that needed some washing were not as many as the days before.  The husband actually found time to clean up! he's really getting the hang of this... 

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