Monday, March 23, 2009

So little time so much to do...

I daydream. 

When i see an old happy couple.
When I see a good looking young man.
When I see a dainty chinita.

I think of me and my Ga.
I think of Taal 10 years from now.
I think of my Ada all grown up.

Every night when the shuttle passes by skyway and i see the cocndo units in magallanes.
Every time a dream car overtakes us.
Everytime i see a lovely mid-aged lady all dressed up.

I imagine owning a unit.
I imagine cleaning my favorite car (amongst a lot)
I imagine getting old but very fit.

When I read my blogger friend's entries.
When I chance upon good photos in flickr.
When I check my favorite seller's new items in Ebay.

I dream of being better-off and settles in another land
I dream of spending days and days with a good camera in a perfect shoot set up
I imagine being a succesful business person.  

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