Friday, March 6, 2009

Summer summer summer

I wonder if i will even get to feel that summer breeze this year.

My feet being massaged by the white sand as I walk along the shore.  

I miss our yearly outings.

I miss the mark of lighter circles around my eyes (ha! figure it out)

I miss getting drunk and throwing up along the shore line. 

Gotta get to a beach soon... 

I miss taking photos and complaining about too much sunlight.  The only pictures i get to tak nowadays are that of taal and ada inside our room!

I miss my outing buddies! kanya kanya na talaga tayo?  ganu naman kalungkot yun... 

I will have another night out again with some friends from college, mostly my husband's friends.  Im sure those Joe Kalbo days will again cross my mind.  And I will miss you again.

Bakit ko 'to sinusulat. Si kei kasi nag post ng Bolinao pictures

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