Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'd like to think my day was productive enough... 

Im 80% done with my report, just waiting for some additional revisions.. And I cant finish my finala analysis without the revisions.  What Im doing is actually interesting.  A known blogger wrote about this some 2 years ago and i was surprised to read a lot of comments and how his readers showed interest in the outcome of the "experiment".  As much as I'd like to share what i'm working on, it may be a ground for my Boss to fire me.  I still like my job, thank you very much.

The invites for my boss' daughter, is now ready for pick up.  I felt the pressure of finishing it TODAY.  You should have seen my boss' face when he asked me about the status of the invites before he left after lunch.  

Anyway.  Its not much.  I made a photo mosaic of the kid and wrapped it nicely.  I had to walk the afternoon sun to National Bookstore to buy the materials.  Sharing with you the outcome...

The wooden heart paper clip as an accent 

I made 15 sets, 12 sets with personalized tags and 3 extra with no name

The colorful recycle paper and the garterized ribbons to keep it in place.

I really don't mind making favors like this for my boss.  I actually love doing it.  Its just that, my boss' daughters birthdays  happen to be during 2 of the the busiest months of the year. March -business planning and November - start of peak season (Christmas), plus my daughters birthday too.

Anyway, I'm just waiting for the additional info to wrap-up my report.  Then tomorrow, its another day.  

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