Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Indian Pillows

The start of my Indian-inspired sala make-over...

I drool over bargains like anyone. Especially if i get to buy something expensive at almost 70% off the original price.


Bought this babies originally priced 395.00 each at 120.00 each.  Still quite expensive but its really nice and beautifully made.  These are items bought from India, made in India.  I guess a lot of people found it too expensive that Shopwise had to offer it for clearance sale.

Bought this a little over a month ago but just got to use it last night.  Shopwise Sucat finally had the pillows for it.

I intentionally bought different designs as advised by my Mom who was with me when I bought this.  I got 5 pillow cases which turned out to be a problem since the throw pillows came in packs of 2.  Now i need to find another pillow case to make use of the extra throw pillow.

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