Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My very first (and maybe last) Prada

I'm not really into designer bags.  But I do recognize and appreciate them  a but for me to buy one is out of the question.  Firstly i dont have the money to buy them and if i do have the money, i wont really spend more than P2k for a bag.  I kind of believe there are more items that'll need more budget allotment than the bags for my use.

Anyway, it was a normal Monday morning yesterday until an office mate came to me and strutted our halls with her latest bargain purchase - 3 PRADA bags,  a green one, a brown one and a blue one.  All authentic with authenticity cards and all nylon
 pradas.  They were second hand items, but who cares?!  One of our lady bosses moved to a new home and cleaned up her closet, wanted to get rid of the some of her items,  that included the Prada bags and priced it at P500.00 each.  yes that's right, a mere P500.00 each.  So my friend, who have announced yesterday as her luckiest day,  happened to be in the lady boss' office for an issue she wanted cleared out, she  grabbed 3 out of the 4 bags being sold and did not even think twice.  

She initially wanted all he 3 bags to herself.  2 hours later, she came to me saying, "I think its too greedy of me to get all 3 bags so i'll just give the blue one for you to buy
, it matches your outfit today."  

There goes the story of my first Prada Bag ever.   

Took me another hour to look it up for the bag's actual value. A flying $600.00 on retail!

Here's the bag, but i have it in Blue :-) 

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