Friday, April 17, 2009

Over-cooking charge at Mickey's Deli

Mickey's Deli is unreasonable. Don't you think it's a little too much to pay additional 250% for cooking charge?  

This morning we wanted to have breakfast in their Jupiter branch. The lady in the counter suggested that we just order from their menu, which i said NO to, platter of 6pcs Nurnberger (around 200g) with side dish is at P480.00. Thought of buying different hams and sausages and have it served in a platter. Maybe it'll cost us more or less the same but we get to eat not just sausages. Then the lady said they will multiply the cost by 3.5x for the total bill if we have the sausages cooked. Something like a "cooking charge". At first I thought it was just 3.5%, which is ok. But when the lady computed the 6-pcs of sausage i ordered priced at 140.00, to something like P442.00 including cooking charge, we had to walk out of the place! Come on, additional 250% to have the 6 pieces cooked?? More than the cost of the actual items bought? Way too much... way way too much... Im a big fan of delis, and i love Mickey's Nurnbergers and Sauerkraut. But if this is really a rule they implement. I think they may loose me as a customer. tsk tsk stk Too bad...

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