Monday, April 13, 2009

A Tagalog Movie Marathon Easter

My easter was spent at my parent's house. Cutting curves while watching some of the more recent tagalog films. I know its been months since these movies were shown, but im not really a fan and a bit "choosy" on what tagalog movie i will watch. So it was One True Love and You Changed My Life afternoon for us yesterday.  My say on each film? here goes...

One True Love - a very mature love story . Story plot was good.  

All 3 lead characters did a good job. 

Iza Calzado was really good.  Being the contrabida and the not-so-contrabida,  Her character will make you think all through out the movie whether she should be hated or not.  Or she would actually do something "heroic" or not. 

Marian Rivera portrayed a serious role here.  Full time drama.  And she pulled it off quite well.

Dingdong Dantes, the hunk that he is, can really act!  And in this movie, he expressed his character quite well.  

For a tagalog film, i'd like to give 4 stars for One True Love.  **** 

You Changed My Life - more for the kids, if you ask me.  Unlike the first one, this is a complete disappointment for me.  The plot was very predictable. I guess this sequel did not have the "kilig factor" rate as the first one.  

If there's anyone i really like in the Star Circle generation, its John Lloyd.  Good looking and a good actor.  If not for him, i would not even bother watching this.

I like Sarah Geronimo's shoes though...

Over all, 2 stars. For John Lloyd, for the effort, and for sarah's shoes. :-)

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