Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Turning a Boring day into an Exciting one - yeah yeah...

Its Day 3 of my office life without the Boss.

My Boss is in the US of A with his family for a month-long holiday. As of this moment, based on my calculations, they have just arrived in their hotel in Lake Buena Vista, for a late-check in.  They were in San Francisco for 5 days.  Tomorrow, they will start the day as early as 8am to use their 6-day Disneyworld premium hopper tickets.  

Why do I know all of these? Don't be surprised.  I would not be called his "executive assistant" for nothing.

Last night, i had to be on the phone with our office guard
 for 30 minutes for a step-by-step instruction. Had to pull out a file from my archive so it can be sent it to the US via fax.  Because the Boss could not have received that envelope with his Disneyworld tickets upon his check-in in his hotel at this very moment.  And so far, I have not received a text message from him asking why his tickets are not there.  So i guess the after-office-operation
 last night was a success.

Everyone's actually surprised to still find me sitting here on my desk even if the Boss is on leave.  They're all saying i should also file a vacation. 
I just thought i could do more here.  Its starting to become boring actually.  And I'm just on Day 3.  I still have to wait 20 more days for the "real work" to start coming...

But for the mean time, here are some of what i thought i should start working on, equally important as the "real

1.  Time to work on my eternal-pending files for filing. I hate filing.  If there's anything I hate with my job, its the files.  The paper files.  My soft files i can handle
 even with my eyes closed, but paper files, i just hate it. Hay, Have no choice but to deal with it though. 

2.  PC clean- up.  Which i cannot do if the boss is around.  My 300gig worth of files for clean up will require a lot of time.  I started it last week with the
 archiving of old soft files and burning it into DVDs.  But had to stop, ran out of blank DVDs.

3.  Paper shredding.  This is fun for the first 2-inch pile of confi docs for shredding but with the almost 6 reams of papers for shredding, I have to ask a janitor to do this.  I need to do the sorting myself  though.which ones to shred and which ones  to recycle for scratch paper. 

Well, that's it for the day.  YeY with sarcasm... 

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