Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Wean-er is...

We have bean meaning to change Taal's feeding bottles since Nov 2008.  When it comes to personal things, i sometimes get too attched to it which makes it hard for me to let go. Especially when i have been using it for a time already. That's why even if i had issues with Playtex' nipples and the vent-aire seal, i still hanged on to it up until last weekend.  

But hey, I still love playtex' baby products  I cannot be more thankful for their  breast pump which became a good friend for almost 5 months.  And their breast milk storage system which filled our freezer for a while. And Playtex is not really cheap.  I had to save up on some things for this!  I'd still give high ratings for the Vent-Aire bottles.  Taalrarely had colics through-out his infant days. And i'd like to think the bottles worked as it promised.  

I guess a product cannot just be too perfect. The nipples and the bottom seal started to accumulate milk particles even with the thorough washing.  At first I though it was just myYaya not brushing it too well so i started brushing it myself.  Only to have the same un-brushable  remnants in the nipple and the seal.  

The option is to either change bottles or completely switch to Playtex Drop-ins.

The search went on...

The Tommee Tippee bottles caught our attention.  SM's Baby Company was on sale for this kind of bottles.  P1500.00 for a pack of 4 but when you buy individually, its at P399.00 each.  We could not gamble P399.00 that time we were there. 

We initially tried the Even-Flo bottle by buying 1 piece for P199.00.  And after trying it out for 2 days, we had to say goodbye to that P199.00 purchase.  Taal did not like it.  
Last Saturdays trip to the baby store made us again explore our options.  

And we found this quite interesting... The Breast Flow bottles...

I then asked the merchandizer to talk me into it.  Its specs and features... 

Which made us more interested.  
At P550.00 for a pack of 3 bottles, it wasn't so bad!  So we purchased it and crossed out fingers.  The bonus feature, which my husband only realized after we got home, is the bottle cover fitting unto the base so it wont get lost.  Bottle covers getting lost ruins my day.  Thank God they thought about it!

The conclusion?  We found a winner! Taal's been feeding on it for 6 days now  :-)

Sad part is the saying goodbye and packing up of the old Playtex bottles.. I gotta get over it somehow..

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